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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here's How One Former NBA Star Gives Back....(Slum Lord Housing For His Peeps)

I don't care if he's too busy to know what's going on with the businesses that have his name on em,  but for any NBA star to be caught providing slum housing from the very neighborhoods they abandoned for the big time makes my stomach turn,  as it does seeing anyone forced to deal with slumlords who should be sent to prison, not jail, for taking peoples money and leaving them living in a slum while they all are living large at the expense of the poor.

This is what former NBA star Antoine Walker is doing for the people in his old hood here in the slums of Chicago.......Fu***ng them....

You know he'll come out and say "I'm so busy I can't keep track of this and that" and to some degree one can understand when millions of dollars are concerned, but in his case this year, he's been arrested for millions in gambling debts and the likes, so the fact is, he probably could care less what his name is being put on as long as it's bringing in some easy dough.

Hopefully the Tribune article below rattled his cage, and he can throw some of those  NBA millions into the slum he calls an investment, that houses "real people" who depend on their landlord to provide livable conditions, which this place certainly was not for a time, as you'll read below...

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth: "Capping off a year in which he was arrested for nearly $1 million in gambling debts, Antoine Walker is now being pursued by the city of Chicago for managing housing that violates public safety requirements, says the Chicago Tribune.

Walker Ventures LLC and AW Realty LLC, two real estate companies that list Walker as the principal, are the target of more than a dozen lawsuits alleging poor property management, unpaid debts and damages caused by shoddy repair work.

Walker, who has played for the Celtics, Mavericks and Heat, but who has not signed to another team this year, spoke to the Tribune on Friday and apologized for neglecting his companies and tenants.

'I would like to humbly apologize to everyone who has been affected by the failings of my company,' Walker said. 'It was never intended to present [tenants with] unacceptable living conditions,' he said to the Tribune."
 I told ya he'd blame someone else, 'his company" is the scapegoat this time...not him..  Whatever happened to the idea of "the buck stops at the top"?  We know Obama doesn't know the meaning of that phrase either so perhaps it's a cultural thing..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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