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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fort Hood KILLER asked military to give Muslims an out - Can You believe this crap?

It's like a Leslie Neilson movie, Naked Gun like,  you know? Like a totally bad plot for a lame movie almost//

An "out" of the military for Muslims in the American forces when the enemy is the radical Muslim??  That's what this nimrod Jihad Johnny troop killer asked the military to do not once, but on two separate occasions before he went all Jihad on our soldiers....

This has to be one of THE biggest military disgraces to ever occur in our 235 years the biggest one..allowing a completely radicalized Muslim infiltrate our forces so easily and paying him all the while to do it to top it off.

WHO THE HELL DID THAT NUT THINK THE ENEMY IS in the first place, are you kidding me after 911?

The French? The British;  I mean, WTF planet was this radical Muslim convert on? So we know he isn't stupid and either it was all out complete con job from start to finish which is my theory.....or.....I'm starting to wonder if Islam, like liberalism, is a deadly mental disorder as well? Ya think?  One kind of has to be crazy to believe either way these people claim, radical or not they all belong to the same religion which most know is laced with anti Christian hatred and calls to kill.

If it "is" OR  "isn't" is really moot because regardless...... this is all part and parcel of a concerted plot by Moderate and radical Muslims both here and abroad to take over the military chunk by chunk placing traitors like Hasan in our ranks, as well as all our other institutions patiently from the inside out, because they know damn well they can't do it militarily. For instance everyone knows the entire health system is filled with Middle Easterners, and who even has the slightest idea or clue what their political intentions are if any at all..

Most American Muslims I would imagine are for the most part innocuous ....

but then again, that's the PC thing we've all been conditioned  to say.... and that's exactly the thought process that allowed this attack from within to occur in the first place.... the PC fear of "Calling A Muslim a Muslim"...instead of these little subsets  like radicals, moderates, extremists ...blah blah blah, it's all bullshit because they all read the same Koran and get on their knees to worship the same killer and pedophilic God named Allah.

This stuff isn't a joke no matter how we paint it, and yet the liberals believe it's all "Islamophobia" just like the terrorists and their leaders want them to believe and parrot out there through the treasonous media just like good "useful idiots" predictably do.  That's why communists and now Muslims allow these morons to do their dirty work and heavy lifting while they infiltrate our government at it's highest levels, ie Keith Ellison up in Michigan, Obama himself a Muslim no matter how much he denies it.


This is the kind of Muslims in the service who are presently making upwards of like a $100,000 a year and getting free top flight college money and admission to boot ....no pun intended? People who wanna go in the military in peacetime to get a free ride to the best American colleges and then turn around and use the education they just received against the United States and wish to bail out if a war starts with Muslims, the only enemy of all Americans?   Gay liberals pull the same crap, they want the money and education but when it comes time to deploy they run to Canada. Pussies.

Muslims ...........America's ONLY ENEMY.

And by the way..........if it weren't for Muslims there wouldn't be any wars on this planet in the first place at this moment ...not a freaking one......God help us all, we're in a war and we let the enemy infiltrate our flipping  military right here at home!

What the hell would our founders say about this? General George Washington, General MacArthur, General Patton  besides being sickened beyond belief at this ridiculous "Muslim boo hoo ass kissing" would take this miserable PC infected wuss filled country over with a couple armored divisions and some strap on tactical nukes...that would be the blue state portion of course.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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