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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daley And Stroger's Taxes May Drive 3rd big trade show out of Chicago --

3rd big trade show may check out of Chicago -- chicagotribune.com: "Chicago's standing as a trade show center faces yet another challenge as the National Restaurant Association weighs whether to take its 2012 trade show elsewhere, according to sources close to the negotiations.

An exit by this McCormick Place star -- a top show here for more than a half-century -- would be a third brutal punch to the city, which in the last week lost two other shows.

The plastics industry trade show, a triennial event, announced Tuesday it will move its 2012 and 2015 shows to Orlando after nearly four decades in Chicago. And the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society last week said it would move its 2012 annual meeting to Las Vegas. Both cited the cost of doing business in Chicago as the major factor in their decisions.

Though restaurant show attendance fell 24 percent this year, to 54,000 exhibitors and potential buyers, the event still pumped an estimated $86 million into the local economy, the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau said. The show is committed to remain here in 2010 and 2011.

The bureau, which markets McCormick Place, declined to comment."
Well,  this was my comment over there and a rant about this story below ....
Stroger, Daley, Taxes, and Union demands made even worse under the labor too friendly Obama administration who practically rents a room to Andy Stern who is the leader of the the SEIU Union, 22 plus visits to the white house.....there's the problem in 50 words or less
The headline says it all and It's as simple as that, although all this "handwringing" in the media on behalf of the liberal Daley administration and Crook County Board head crook Todd Stroger will try to come up with other answers that aren't there, as their years of raping the citizenry and visitors alike with astro-freakin-nomical sales and property taxes have caught up with them so much that even we suburban Chicagoan's avoid the place at all costs nowadays...

Lets not even mention the fact that children in this city are mowed down nearly Daily (pun intended) and not from the guns which are banned in the first place, but from the absence of civility and solid family structures in many parts of the city, which makes it more dangerous for tourists and visitors to navigate. These people simply don't want to deal with that stuff anymore as they too can read the papers and blogs seeing the city fall to the dogs under complete liberal guidance for a half century, and who can blame them?

In addition it's become quite evident since Chicago was passed over for a third world resort city for the Olympics, all the city planning had pretty much revolved around the assumption that the Big Fat Olympic cash cow was gonna feed these fatcat politicians and their families and friends for the next decade or so. And now that the city was rejected for the reasons I listed above, they have no alternate plan and smart people see this.

The topper is you have these way out of control Union demands and costs that these shows are sick and tired of too, which they'll find in every city, but the taxes throw it over the top of affordability, especially while the Obama administration is punishing success.

And I don't hate Unions, I was in one for a decade in the 90's

For a couple years I was part of the Printing and Publishing Trade Show and it was a great time, they were fun to attend, and everyone got their money's worth from the vendors to the participants.....But not today when you can't even put together a table or plug in a lamp or spotlight at these shows at McCormick Place downtown and the Rosemont O'Hare expo centers without some union man or woman now having to come and do it for you, seriously! I've seen Letterman and Leno make fun of this before with the TV radio Unions in New York and Hollywood.

It's unbelievable, it really is. Big Money. Back in my younger printing and publishing days I was making 30 an hour running and demonstrating the presses at these shows in Chicago, and they were making 50 putting them together even back then .In fact, this is me demo-ing one back then, a 5 color Komori Lithrone as you can see in 1995 at the Chicago Print Show, a pic that was also in Quick Print Magazine covering the show.. :)

That's why these trade shows are beating a path out of Chicago, just like Obama and his brood did after helping screw it up the best they could manage over the past 10 years, while honing his bone and sucking it for everything it was worth....... and now they all bring their "leadership prowess" to America..lol

God Help Us All

These trade shows bring in billions each year, and without them that city will financially collapse, and we all know it out here in "regular Joe" Land, so they do too ,and now they don't know what the hell to do except raise taxes...the world of liberals...tax and spend, tax and spend....Poor Suckers, they do this everyt ime everywhere they're elected, every time.......


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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