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Friday, November 27, 2009

Chicago Bears looking for new coach and GM? -

They say no officially but I say yes and it's about time they looked to canning "Lovie Dovie" Smith which me and my friends believe hasn't taken place up to now because the Bears are afraid of the racism bullshit they'll have to tolerate, what usually happens nowadays every time anyone of color gets fired from a high profile job, that's the mantra..

As for me, I would have fired his ass after the Super Bowl embarrassment, but that's just me..I hate losing, and frankly the team has progressively gotten worse and worse, so we'll see if the Bears have the balls to send Lovie packing knowing the Rev Jesse and his race baiting foil "Fat Ass" Al both sit perched and ready to pounce on the cracker owners known as the McCaskey's..and believe me, they don't come any whiter than that family.

They also owe him a ridiculous amount of money on his just extended contract which of course they'd have to eat, at a present cost of about 11 million right now, which the McCaskey's are way too cheap and frugal to do. That is unless the dollar keeps plummeting like a skydiver without a parachute thanks to another Chicago man of color, or at least half black who's also doing a crappy job at present  and also finds himself in a job that's way way over his head, as we're all well aware.

And so for those reasons, personally I don't think they (Mike McCaskey, a real momma's man) have the nads  to cut him loose, and they're just sending out the feelers to take the "racism temperature" I guarantee you.
Chicago Bears looking for new coach and GM?

- Yahoo! Sports: "The news came yesterday via the Chicago Tribune that the Chicago Bears are on the list for former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher. The idea of taking over the Bears or the Houston Texans supposedly 'would excite' Cowher.

But current Bears coach Lovie Smith has another two years on his contract and the team supposedly doesn't want to pay two coaches simultaneously, especially if Cowher wants around $10 million annually.

And today the word is that some Bears exec is starting to look for a replacement for Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo, according to the Tribune. Former Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, who has spent a lot of time with current Bears quarterback is on the list. The Buffalo Bills are supposedly talking to Shanahan this week about taking over there. Other folks on the list are reportedly Cowher and former Buccaneers and Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

The Bears are officially saying there is nothing to the rumor. Nada."


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