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Monday, November 16, 2009

At 75, Charles Manson still has power to influence others AS CNN Celebrates His Birthday With Media Attention

If we didn't know better you'd think CNN was lionizing some great poet or prophet with this report as we know Manson as a madman, a disgrace to the human race who has some freaky power over these lost and weak minded drug addicts and general weirdo's lost in society's full speed ahead shuffle..

However, you won't realize that by watching this video and report, as the CNN reporter and the people interviewed are acting like they're all in the presence of and being influenced by someone special, just like his followers who are very similar in makeup to the Cult of Obama and the Jonestown massacre nuts...proving indeed no matter where we are in history we will always have these frightening nutjobs walking amongst us daily, and even with the worst of the worst locked up in prisons that resemble country clubs to third world people and it's still a zoo out here.

Just in case anyone out there needs a reminder as to what this POS is famous for, for those of us or anyone who happened to have forgot (very explicit photos)

So now we're led to believe he's turned a new leaf at 75 by becoming a full fledged environmentalist with a major in the mental part, as  he grants interviews like this one in the video below on CNN, also compiles CD's of his latest nutjob poetry and what he called music........ (which they heavily plug in the video report) and essentially sounds like any normal non- murdering man out there living out his retirement, in addition to all that being adored by the media  like he invented a cancer vaccine or the cure for freaking AIDS,  or is like some beloved yet aging rock star!

@%^*%(^&%. Unbelievable as millions across America truly live it up in our jails, it may not be classified as "living it up" to folks out here like you and I, but believe me when I say that many in those prisons are treated better than the saddest and poorest of folks out here working an honest living!@!  WTF?

I'm sure you all remember Manson thought the Beatles were sending him subliminal messages back in the 6o's,  in addition he tried to get the Beach Boy's resident family fuc*up Dennis, who was a friend for a time, to record some of this crud he's recorded somehow while warehoused away written all the way back during the time of the Tate/ Bianca /Helter Skelter murders.

Well,   now you can get your own copy of Manson's delusions of grandeur and celebrity right on your own cd to add to the family collection thanks to the little link CNN provides during the video if you can believe that .... isn't it great he's using that prison time wisely and profitably!!! Where's Billy Mayes when we need him? Oh yea, he's dead.... yet Manson is alive, talk about the bizzaro world.

He's a poster case for the death penalty, a killer who liberal Pop culture has turned into some counterculture hero like William Ayers and some of these killer leftists our president hung out with in between ghost writing books and hangin in the hood as a community organizer..

This represents everything wrong with the left media and that portion of America as well, as they all celebrate a walking talking piece of human slime like Charles Manson, and the fly by 15 minute Levi Johnston types,  yet are daily trying to ruin the lives of and bury alive good or even great Americans, like perhaps Sarah Palin, her husband and children, whom they just happen to severely and many mentally dislike with a passion we only reserve for our enemies outside our own borders

A family by the way really led by a good old fashioned American mom and dad, who've incidentally done more for America already in their young years then these liberal fu**s ever collectively will.  (I hate that word "collective", damn Obama)

They also attack Carrie Prejean with more vigor than they do Charles Manson, the Fort Hood Mad Killer Muslim Terrorist,  not to mention the Taliban and Al Queda,  all because why?  Simply because she appeared on a beauty pageant, was practically attacked by a flaming homosexual blogger and she espouses the same view on butt thumpers like he that their hero Barack Obama does.

That's all. You'd think she Napalmed a freaking orphanage for young gays the way these monsters attack her daily!

So now he's an bonafide envirowacko, which lends itself to folks like myself calling these people Enviro-nazi's, now particularly that they now can call Manson a colleague if they consider him a peer on anything in this life or any other. I would think one would start to rethink their position and worldview when it runs parallel with Charles Manson, NO?

We're all for keeping the earth around us in as pristine a state as we can, but we don't need to go back to living in caves like Manson and his liberal loon friends want, since none can hold or even get hired for a job in the first place, that's the real reason why they hate corporate America, they hate working and hate progress even more than work unless it advances their agenda.

Well I guess all those folks can now proudly consider Manson to be "part of their family" pun intended and I'm sure he considers them a valuable "part of his Family, the notorious Manson Family" which Lives On thanks to CNN .
At 75, Charles Manson still has power to influence others
'He spent the day the same way he spends every day in prison,' said Terry Thornton, spokeswoman for the state department of corrections. 'Lately, the prison has told me, he doesn't come out of his cell very often.' continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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