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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Limbaugh Wire for 10/05/2009, Barack Hussein Obama MMM MMM MMM.....

I don't know if you listen to Rush daily, I happen to be a premium member so I listen to most all of them at some point during the day, and since Friday I swear I can't listen to him when he starts singing that "Barack Hussein Obama MMM MMMM MMM" song every time he says Obama's name.

It's a reference to the Obama indoctrination song of late that we and the rest of the conservative blogosphere has noted over the past few weeks since it's release...it like others has been removed from Youtube but Michelle Malkin has some stuff on it here........... more in depth than I did on my post...Gateway Pundit covered it good on Saturday as well here..

It's hilarious and must be funnier than heck because it's caught the ire of Media Matters today as you can read excerpted below .....it's a really funny clip from today's show when he explains a clip that was on the Morning Joe Program involving this BBC chickie below ....

It's F'n hilarious....later on in the clip there's also a parody of children singing the Obama song with Limbaugh's name inserted in place of dear leader Chairman MaObama.

click for the audio file

Media Matters : "Rush got the week started by proclaiming that the media is still 'stunned' by the 'audacity of nope' in Copenhagen. Rush said that a lot went wrong for Obama because he forgot the Greek columns and the reverb on his speech.

For the next bit Rush went into, we unfortunately have to explain some of the background. On Friday (we didn't include this in Friday's Limbaugh Wire because, well, we thought it was really stupid),

Rush started to riff on the Obama kids-sing-along video, the one where the New Jersey school kids sing a song with the lyrics 'Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.' Since this gave Rush the opportunity to use Barack Obama's middle name, he started singing the line on his show -- repeatedly and obnoxiously."

Again what pisses them off on the left is usually what makes me laugh, ...... so here is a clip of him doing this thing, as I said I laugh even when I'm just thinking about it like now....lol  

This is a show clip from Friday which also had me laughing my tail off when he first started doing this to my knowledge



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