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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fraud A Common Theme In Obama Era, Logo Designer A Fraud As Well

This guy has been being chased down by the Associated Press for heisting a photo they claim ownership of in order to develop the annoying Hope and Change Logo many of us have come to despise the sight of and the source of much mocking.

Like this little web app many lefties loved more than life itself upon it's creation until people like me started making these instead with it.......(me by the way for new folks here)

Well, now the man who rode the wave of fame from creating that logo, Shepard Fairey believe it or not,  again from an alleged AP photo has landed him in all kind of a mess, particularly since he lied and tried to cover his tracks in the creation of the logo in the aftermath. This guy is a well known leftist rabblerouser as this statement confirms from the report below.

Fairey, a Los Angeles-based street artist with a long, often proud history of breaking rules, has said that he first designed the image in early 2008, after he was encouraged by the Obama campaign to come up with some kind of artwork.

In February 2009, he was arrested when he came to Boston for an event kicking off his solo exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art, among the most popular in the museum's more than 70-year history.

He faced dozens of vandalism charges, but nearly all were dropped. He pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor charges last summer and was sentenced to two years probation.

Something of which he's now admitted to, and will now have to  face some music for his lack of knowledge of the copyright infringement rules and regs which you can always view at the bottom of this blog by the way....

"In an attempt to conceal my mistake, I submitted false images and deleted other images," said Fairey, 

All that fame and adulation sometimes makes some peoples judgment become clouded, and this appears to be that kind of a case..as in Watergate any many other cases of wrongdoing, it is his cover up that's become the real albatross and his ultimate undoing leading to this apology and admittance of wrongdoing on his part.

Obama 'HOPE' Poster Artist Admits Photo Error FOXNews.com: "NEW YORK — Artist Shepard Fairey, who designed the famous Barack Obama 'HOPE' poster, admitted Friday that he didn't use the Associated Press photo he originally claimed his work was based on but instead used a picture the news organization had claimed was his source.

Fairey, 39, said in a statement that he was wrong which photo he used and that he tried to hide his error.

'In an attempt to conceal my mistake, I submitted false images and deleted other images,' said Fairey, who has been involved in countersuits with the AP, which has alleged copyright infringement.

'I sincerely apologize for my lapse in judgment and I take full responsibility for my actions which were mine alone. I am taking every step to correct the information and I regret I did not come forward sooner.'

Fairey had claimed he based his 'HOPE' drawing on a photo of then-Sen. Barack Obama, seated next to actor George Clooney. The photo was taken in April 2006 by Mannie Garcia, on assignment for the AP, at the National Press Club in Washington." read more


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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