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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Former Top NYPD Cop Bernard Kerik's Case Tough To Watch


I hate Geraldo most of the time but he was right on with this assessment Saturday night on the Kerik Case and this video meshes well with the story below I wrote  Sunday before seeing this video this morning from the show sat. regarding Bernard Kerik and the brutal unfairness of this case...

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This case just makes me very sad I must admit.... seeing any man who became  as successful  as  Bernard Kerik did, and then to be destroyed as he is being at the moment is tough to watch  be done again to anyone . At least it is for me.  Especially seeing one who became a 911 hero and has done countless unselfish and great things for humanity taken down like this; basically over some bullsh** home improvements he probably could have easily paid for himself one would think.

Or, perhaps on the other hand he didn't think anything was wrong with accepting tall his work, which is kind of hard to believe being he was the top cop of NYC as long as he was, especially $250 G's worth of it as is being reported and he is being charged with...but who really knows the truth besides he and the people? At least until he's heard in court which leads me to believe this is planted in the media to make him look worse than he already does. 

Many out there in fact feel this attack against Kerik is just payback for all the good Rudy Giuliani years minus post 911, and  frankly I tend to agree with that hypothesis from all the information available to the public so far.  Then again, the other half  of the people think he and Giuliani are absolute scum, and could do no right no matter how hard they tried..  Oh, and who were also complicit in the planning and execution of 911 with 19 Muslim Hijackers, Osama Bin Laden and Sheik whatever the hell his name is  (yea right)

Guess for yourself who those detractors and haters could possibly be besides the MOB and a certain faction of anti Kerik and Giuliani NY cops and firefighters who hate them for all the 911 glory they took from them in their eyes, and I must admit they both tended to milk a little too much after the fact. (..or look, search, and read  here all kinds of that stuff if you wish)

But I do know one thing for certain, we see rapists (decade long fugitive rapist scum bucket  Roman Polanski) and murderers (Charles Manson and his tribe for starters since we name Polanski, Sharon's Tate's wife I mean husband) treated with a little more sympathy and respect than this hero of a man has been treated thus far.

Fact of the matter is he's already been convicted and copped  a plea on this deal, and is being retried, here in America, for statements made when he was thrust into the Bush homeland security position that he dropped out of under duress for these reasons related to the case to which he pleaded to.

And if the story going around posted below is true, to see his psyche falling apart as well is double sad after making it through 911 mostly unscathed it appeared at least, that is unless he's taking a page from the crook handbook and playing a nut to aid his defense...

And truthfully, if he is, well so be it I say in the Age of Obama, I really don't care...he doesn't deserve this crap.

Reason being, if this is all they have on this man for starters, in comparison they in the government and law enforcement should be one day executing dem lawmaker and breaker Charlie Rangel for his mounds and mounds of alleged malfeasance, when compared to Kerik's piddly charges. That is if he's ever charged, tried and then convicted of his specific cavalcade of accusations.  He could also be counted amongst the democrats who hid the troubles at Fannie and Freddie, so we could see some charges down the road for that as well if a third party can make some headway for 2012..

I know what you're saying...." two "wrongs" don't make a "right", but just look at this fat f****er living it up at his vacation home a while back, pic taken by the New York Post, makes ya mad doesn't it? It should.

In contrast,  the charges leveled against him (Rangel) are  20 times worse than Kerik's, meanwhile Kerik is held without bail like a common double murderer, yet Bahama Charlie is living large as we can see, in addition to still holding office and working as well, not to mention raking in all the perks and profits as the all  powerful "Ways and Means" Head  thug that come special delivery under the table

And don't ever forget those "favors to be named at a later date"....I know how this crap works ...believe me.

Let's not even mention that no one in Government will even investigate this vigorously nor properly since all of DC and New York  is filled with Obama worshiping democrats ...we have the same problem here in Illinois now that the establishment has thrown Rod Blagojevich under the Obama bus..so it's either that, or his day of reckoning on his knees is soon coming, which I also find hard to fathom under the present political conditions, so therefore, I say skate Bernie however you can...........F - 'Em All!
Bernie Kerik has jail's psychiatric director worried

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- A federal judge says former top cop Bernie Kerik is displaying some worrying behavior in jail.

Judge Stephen Robinson did not describe the symptoms today. But he said the Westchester County jail's psychiatric director expressed concern about actions that “were not ordinary.”

"There were things unexplained described to me that were either said or done that raised a level of concern for them," said Robinson, according to WNBC.com.

Robinson raised the possibility that Kerik would have to waive doctor-patient privilege or even undergo a court-ordered examination.   continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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