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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

150 Mil not Enough to Keep Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera From Becoming A Drunken Ass

This is what this guy pulled over the weekend while his team was home sleeping off a loss, a team which now faces a one game, winner take all meeting tonight thanks mostly to his 0-4 performance  after a night getting slammed 3 times the legal drinking limit, then topping the night off by coming home to scare the crap out of his wife, who calls 911.

He achieved this  great state of mind while partying with the opposing team that kicked his fat ass all over the field that night, (who happened to be the crappy Chicago White Sox players by the way), on a night when the Detroit Tigers could have clinched a trip to the post season, yet as it turned out as he left more runners stranded on base than the Skipper did on Gilligan's Island!!!!.

The Detroit Tigers, In the playoffs, after who knows how long.....and this is what this guy delivers the fans and the team paying him that obscene amount of money when the chips are down? You got it.

What an undependable sack of crud....this guy couldn't buy himself or the team a hit down the stretch of the season,  and this is what he does on the biggest night of the year? I'd trade his fat ass faster than you can say illegal alien .... and furthermore, were I his teammate I'd kick his ass the next time I saw him after this leaked out today to boot, costing me a trip to the playoffs and possible World Series..

Yet these are the kind of people our society heaps mounds and mounds of accolades not to mention billions if not trillions of dollars upon..? No wonder the country is collapsing before our eyes and Obama is president while it's happening.

And,  I don't wanna hear this "he's only human" bullspit,  when he's making that kind of money he's expected to be better than any drunken stumblebum in an alleyway somewhere,  NO?

Hell, I can hire one of those for 20 dollars for the whole day....which is were this guy belongs as far as I'm concerned,
Inquisitor: "Last Friday night after going 0-4 and stranding four runners on base, in a game his team needed to win, Detroit Tigers first baseman decided to go out to the bar with members of the Chicago White Sox. The Tigers were in the final series against this team and needed to win two of the final three games to insure a Central Division title and a trip to the post season.

After drinking to a point where his blood alcohol level was higher than .26 he went home and was then involved in a domestic squabble with his wife. There are also some reports that Tigers President and General Manger, Dave Dombrowski was the person to pick up Cabrera from the drunk tank and take him home." read more here


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