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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Michelle Obama Says US Health Care Sucks? Oh Yea?

And I say to her, the US healthcare system has not only saved my life once in 1988 from a brain tumor but also helped me extricate myself from 2 1/2 years recently spent in and out of a wheelchair acquired from symptoms of advanced Multiple Sclerosis, an incurable disease that's somehow now seemingly in full remission, allowing me to walk again thank the lord above after much much praying, work and doctoring..

Top that Michelle

So my question to this woman is this... "what the fuc& does she and most of these congresspeople know about the American health care system first hand from the trenches?..... Aside from in her case two obviously uneventful pregnancies as she thankfully chose not aborting them like 50 million other liberals from that ideological world of hers preferred to do whenever convenient.?"

As a fully healthy woman who's obviously benefited not only personally but financially from the US Health Care system as an employee of a private hospital, you'd think some gratitude would be in order. When in fact it's herself that is a big big part the problem, inexperienced paper pushers and politico's like her making hundreds of thousands of dollars as overpayed and priced executives, in her case solely because her husband is/was/whatever a politician..

We don't hear her talking about that in this little speech of hers yesterday now do we?

Well you can read all about it here on this blog, just Google Michelle/ start with this one....

Of course not, instead she stands here and talks about something of which she has absolutely no personal experience and if it were up to her and her inexperienced husband people like me would be left to die a slow death in some government run nursing home instead of being a living and walking tax paying musician and 911 operator not to mention graphic designer full time each and every day.....

So there you go, as now you know part of the reasons why I dislike the Obama 's so much, they and their liberal ilk place no value on the life of others and essentially want the unborn, elderly, disabled or ill people like myself dead rather than allow our doctors to choose what therapies and meds we receive and when, instead leaving those decisions to be made by people like his freaking wife impaneled on, yes, Sarah Palin was right, Death Panels?

Not in this lifetime, my third one thank you very much to GOD, my parents, private Dr's. and Blue Cross Blue Shield //in that order.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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