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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Murder fugitive found dead in B.C. hotel room from apparent suicide....(good riddance)

What a coward this useless bum turned out to and will always be....particularly after obviously now committing the most gruesome crime we've seen on our national headline radar screen in some time he commits suicide instead of facing justice and the poor family of his victim and turns out wife choosing the easy way out..

I just wish we all could have offered this deadbeat a collective "good riddance" after his what would of been conviction for capital murder, however I take solace and do hope that he enjoys his everlasting eternal stay with Beelzebub rotting in hell with the rest of the scum in the fiery afterlife .....the coward and Murdering SOB he obviously was..

Thanks and tip to Maggie at Maggies notebook

And I left this reasoning out in my elation seeing this man found as he was so I'm adding this comment to the post itself from my friend the one and only Rev Gregori

Well, at least it saves the taxpayers a whole lot of money. We would have had to pay for all of his appeals, pay for his medical and dental care while he was in prison and his three squares a day.

CTV.ca | Murder fugitive found dead in B.C. hotel room"A former reality TV contestant wanted in the brutal murder of his ex-wife has been found dead, the RCMP said Sunday evening, ending an intense manhunt which spanned both sides of the border.

Ryan Jenkins' body was found in a hotel room in Hope, B.C., which is about 100 kilometres northeast of Vancouver. Police say the death is the result of an apparent suicide."

Jenkins, 32, had been charged by U.S. authorities with first-degree murder in the death Jasmine Fiore, a 28-year-old former swimsuit model.

Fiore's mutilated body was discovered last weekend stuffed into a suitcase in a Los Angeles-area dumpster.

Investigators on both sides of the border had asked for assistance from the public in their search for Jenkins, who is suspected of strangling Fiore and reporting her missing the evening of Aug. 15, then fleeing.

Police suspected that Jenkins had likely snuck back into his home country by car, boat and on foot.

Police didn't say how long Jenkins' body had been in the motel room. There had also been a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Earlier on Sunday, Jenkins' father said he has met with Canadian authorities, but they haven't asked him to make a public plea for his son to turn himself in.

Dan Jenkins, a successful architect who lives in Calgary, would not say whether he has been in touch with his fugitive son. The elder Jenkins said he has been advised by his lawyer not to comment.

Jenkins and Fiore met in Las Vegas in March and married soon afterwards. Fiore's mother said her daughter had the marriage annulled, but no court documents have been found to prove that claim. The couple, who had a rocky relationship, had reportedly reconciled recently.

Disturbing details

Fiore's body was discovered in Buena Park, a city about 32 kilometres southeast of Los Angeles. Her teeth and fingers had been removed, apparently in an effort to keep authorities from identifying her.

Investigators used the serial numbers on her breast implants to identify Fiore, said Farrah Emami, a spokesperson for the Orange County district attorney's office.

Fiore was a model who worked in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, working gigs such as being bodypainted at parties.

Jenkins had been a contestant on VH1's recent reality show "Megan Wants a Millionaire," which the network cancelled on Friday.

In Calgary, Jenkins' former fiancee Paulina Chmielecka said she never saw a violent side of him.

"The guy was a great guy, as far as I knew he was very happy," she told CTV. "In our relationship, we had our fights -- everyone does -- but I would never say, 'Well, he could have murdered someone.' There's no way."


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