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Friday, August 21, 2009

Michael Vick Dog Jersey Sanctioned by NFL (WTF IS THIS?)

I just can't even believe or understand the thought process behind this maneuver by the NFL, I mean is this supposed to be some kind of bone (pun intended) to the animal lovers that the NFL and Michael Vick keep pissing and shi**ing all over?

Is this supposed to make everyone like and forgive the man by mocking this whole entire episode or what?

Gee, while the iron is hot per se maybe I can sell some of these little NFL official Doggie Helmets!!

What a great idea, it's just too bad Vick's murdered dogs couldn't 'a had these a little sooner, ya know?

Oh but aren't they cute?
Associated Content: "Michael Vick dog jersey isn't a phrase that many would put together. But a Michael Vick dog jersey is a bright idea to NFL marketers, nonetheless.

The Michael Vick Eagles jersey is slowly being made and put on sale, now that Vick is an Eagles. But a Michael Vick dog jersey is also on the way, as the NFL is creating a custom made dog jersey with Michael Vick's name, number and new colors. Humans are probably uneasy enough buying Michael Vick human jerseys, especially in Philadelphia, but a Michael Vick dog jersey is something else altogether" more
The whole idea of anyone and particularly the NFL making any money whatsoever over this thing is so why people hate America sometimes, I mean is nothing free from the need and want to make a buck?

I'm a die hard capitalist with family going back 2 generations on Wall Street but this is TOO MUCH for me.

As far as I'm concerned about Vick, the guy did his time and all that jazz, but I know this;

If you or I did what he did, our employers probably wouldn't be welcoming us back with open arms and million dollar contracts ....and furthermore we would likely have to rebuild and restart our lives from the bottom up, which is where this man SHOULD BE, the bottom of the frickin barrel, at least until he proves himself otherwise.

And simply doing his piddly time in prison and reading off a couple sorry letters he didn't even write himself doesn't cut it for me. And I don't feel one bit sorry for the man even after this intended "from the heart" apology...

That's nice to hear and all that, but to continue this thing with sanctioned jerseys is misguided to say the least in this man's opinion. And another thing, it sure says a lot when a man with a quarter million dollar college education and millions now back in the bank says "AXED HIM" instead of "ASKED HIM" as he did in that apology, how atrocious.

He sure the hell shouldn't be starting over again from the top down as has now been the case (just as we mostly predicted when he went away in the first place) ....let off much easier than most..... and lets not even talk about the millions of people who would die for the opportunity he was initially given to play football in the NFL, and as far as I'm concerned he blew it ....and that's that.

This whole sordid thing sickens me, sorry.....


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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