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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Judge in Santa Monica divides Simpson memorabilia He's In Jail For Stealing! LOL

It doesn't get any funnier than this as fate comes around and bites OJ Simpson in the ass again after he's locked up for stealing back his own stuff, and later a judge gives half the stuff back to him....sounds like an episode of the Three Stooges....

Here's what the judge said....

"It was his," he said, "but you have to go about getting the things lawfully."

Guess so.

Funny though he gets practical life for stealing this, basically his own shit at one point ......(although his release is being considered while on appeal you'll see in the related links below the story)

And not for this (although we know, understand, and object to the BS PC reasons why he was cut loose)

Yet, Still Unbelievable.....

My Way News -"SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) - A California judge ordered some memorabilia returned to O.J. Simpson Tuesday, even as the football Hall of Famer sits in a Nevada prison for stealing it during a hotel room heist.

In a ruling that capped more than a year of legal wrangling, Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg on Tuesday gave nine souvenir footballs and a few other items to a lawyer for Simpson nemesis Fred Goldman for auction. Goldman is trying to collect on a $33.5 million civil judgment against Simpson.

But in another odd twist, the judge said Simpson must get the first $6,075 from the auction.

Rosenberg said it was possible that figure would not be reached, and then Goldman would get nothing."

The most satisfied litigant was memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong, who was able to reclaim about 600 photographs and several books that he said were taken from him during the Las Vegas hotel room confrontation on Sept. 13, 2007.

During his trial, Simpson called it a sting operation designed to recover his memorabilia, which he said had been stolen from him.

Another of the participants in the dispute was Simpson's former manager Mike Gilbert, who asked for nothing at the hearing and received nothing.

Outside of court, Gilbert grumbled, "I think America is tired of O.J. Simpson, tired of Fred Goldman and tired of me. I just want it over."

Because of the hotel room standoff, Simpson was sentenced to nine to 33 years for convictions on armed robbery, kidnapping and other charges. He has applied for release on bond while he appeals.

Rosenberg had all of the items seized from the hotel room brought to his courtroom in cartons, which he opened and displayed. Among the items returned to Simpson were framed awards, a signed photo of him and others with former FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover and three neckties that he wore at his murder trial. Simpson also received a few souvenir footballs.

One of the men who was in the hotel room, Alfred Beardsley, was given back only the baseball hat he wore the night of the heist. He proudly put it on.

Attorney David Cook, representing Goldman, received nine game balls and two pillow cases from the hotel room, for the auction.

Beardsley, who took up Simpson's cause after he blew the whistle on him, said outside court: "I'm happy and excited for O.J., that he'll be getting some of his stuff back."

Meanwhile, Simpson attorney Ronald P. Slates, told the court clerk that if the $6,075 is obtained, it should be deposited in a trust account because "it's tough cashing checks in prison."

Cook, who initiated the campaign to seize the items, acknowledged that "it's chump change" and his battle to collect the civil judgment against Simpson has been "enormously futile."

The judge said he was following a law that exempted certain items from civil judgments, including household furnishings, decorations and items used in business. Awards that were displayed in Simpson's house fell into that category, he said.

Fromong estimated he could sell his photos and books for $15,000 to $30,000, but the sports market is flooded with Simpson memorabilia now, he said, so prices may be down.

Slates acknowledged there was an irony in Simpson receiving items he always claimed were his.

"It was his," he said, "but you have to go about getting the things lawfully."


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