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Friday, July 3, 2009

NEWS SHOCKER!!!! Palin resigning as Alaska governor

Wonder what the hell is behind this but we know one thing for sure, the left wing lunatic jags haters out there are gonna be milking this thing for everything and anything they can. I do hope all those left wing cyber goons and loons feel good about themselves, ridiculing and denigrating a poor helpless little disabled child, tearing apart two lovely teen daughters with rape jokes and similarly crude attacks,

Just endless downright cruel beatings that no women, much less young innocent teen girls of any politician deserves. Not even the little ugly tramps the liberal politicians create from test tubes and petri dishes in the IVF labs of the mad abortionists throughout the land.

Literally driving a well intentioned and genuine loving family woman right from her public position, a fine and beautiful woman on the inside and out who was self made and far more successful and accomplished than 95 % of the American women out there.

And that's not to even mentioning the hairy arm pitted liberal skanks and tramps up and down the two coasts tearing her down from limb to limb, led by these dogs and goats who they call their hero's starting with the tramp of all tramps, Tina Fey who makes her living pretending to be someone else, think about that. These Hollywood morons spend their lives pretending to be other people, which ultimately makes them nothing.

Women you couldn't get a starving pit bull to play with if you strapped 2 bloody pork chops around their necks

Mostly dysfunctional lesbians and other miscreants who don't even have jobs, much less husbands, and the one's that do are cheating on them left and right, cold blooded jealous and entirely heartless women who abort their children like they flush their tampons, yet find it to be fun sport tearing a fellow woman who they should all wish and dream they could hold a candle to.

If I was her I too would tell public life to go get screwed along with all the miserable morons who mostly populate America's urban areas today, who the hell needs this shit from a bunch of flower power tramps and left wing loons from the land of misfit toys where most of these people originate and populate.

Well whatever she chooses to do from here on I'll be glad and proud to support her and her family after what they've endured from the left all for the terrible sin of wanting to serve the people of America in her capacity as Governor of Alaska and possibly VP of the country. How dare her....

What lowlife scum...... and you people ALL know who you are.
Palin resigning as Alaska governor:

My Way News - "WASILLA, Alaska (AP) - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she is resigning from office.

She didn't say why she decided to step down, but the surprise announcement stirred speculation that she would focus on a bid for the 2012 Republican nomination for president.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate made the announcement from her home in suburban Wasilla on Friday morning. She said she would step down July 26.

Spokesman Dave Murrow says Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell will be inaugurated at the governor's picnic in Fairbanks at the end of the month.

Palin was first elected in 2006 on a populist platform. But her popularity has waned as she waged in partisan politics following her return from the presidential campaign."
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