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Friday, July 3, 2009

"Teacher Puts Sex Clip of Self on Students DVD"..(Partial Video) Today's Teachers!

Holy cow, makes one wonder what the hell is going on in these schools that we DON'T hear about!! What happened to the days when teachers weren't there to turn on the students but teach them sh**?

It's kind of tough to keep your eyes on the history books and math problems when the teacher looks like the one to the left instead of this stern looking teacher on the right like the olden days.

This has got to be right on par with the strangest if not outright nuttiest screw up from a supposed teacher short of coarse of the hundreds of rapists of both genders who now consider sexual relationships with their students to be part of their union health plans. Worldnet Daily has an entire section devoted to these men and mostly women nowadays, called Sextra Credit.

Just look for yourself what this brainiac sent her students and is now claiming it was a big mistake.....big I agree.....but mistake? I mean how many folks keep sex dvd's of themselves right at their fingertips being serviced while a third party shoots the action like it's a "HOW TO" do it yourself porn video, as is the case in this Hustler MILF TILF tryout video

this is about the extent of what the news report shows, so some of these dads at home are doing all they can to pull a switcheroo on their wives so they can stash this one in the home office collection somewhere....lolol...

Well, she's a porn star now, and her teaching days at an elementary school at least are over....but she has a future as a high school gym teacher, perhaps just like the one that Kim Cattrall played in the movie Porkies if anything//

Somewhat Graphic Video.... be forewarned ladies, above is about all you see.

view it in Windows media player by clicking here if the video gets blocked later on. otherwise you can see the newscast here which has a portion of the video mostly seen above.

She had a facebook page but naturally took it down today

Then the school said "ah just destroy them all" to the parents..... yea right! I'm sure more than a few dads will be holding on to this one if Mom didn't catch wind of the bonus material.....My bet is there will be a full house at this teacher's next parent night with most of the dads volunteering to do the honors.
FOXNews.com: "ELK GROVE, Calif. — A Northern California elementary school teacher sent her students home for the summer with a video of class memories, only the DVD included six seconds of her having sex on a couch.

Officials at the Elk Grove Unified School District asked families of the teacher's 24 students to get rid of the DVD after the unintended clip was found spliced in a scene where children were sharing stories in class.

'Just destroy them,' said spokeswoman Torrey Johnson.

Johnson said the teacher, Crystal Defanti, sent the DVD home with her students from Isabelle Jackson Elementary on the last day of class Friday. She learned of the mistake after a parent called her. She then called all the parents to ask them to destroy the DVD.

The school district, located just south of Sacramento, initially sent a letter home to parents asking them to return the DVDs, but then asked parents to simply destroy them."


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