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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Man's body found in Des Plaines River, 2 Miles From My Home.

This spot in a river that runs through Northern Illinois called the Des Plaines (s is pronounced in DeS) which is literally down the street from my home and is now just becoming the focal point of the local news tv stations late broadcasts as they pull what appears to be the body of a man that's been missing since June 20th

Bottom right or Southeast corner of picture in the red circled area above is enlarged below,

when it's thought he actually fell in when walking with a buddy while alongside of it or at this at point where people congregate during daylight hours, and actually walk across a slippery stone section that crosses the 150 foot section of the river called Dam One, where a public forest preserve is run by the county where families picnic on weekends, kids smoke dope at and people occasionally fall in the river.

There are hundreds of these places around Chicago for those unfamiliar with mostly Cook and DuPage counties along with others which obviously require some upkeep but not a ton, that are considered to be great high paying jobs for people in the know that are prized bounty for the Cook County Commissioner of the times, who pass these out as patronage positions for the most part.

The now head of the Cook County board is Todd Stroger who started out as one of these people as his father was the board president for years, who famously had a stroke at the hospital formerly known as Cook County Hospital and is now called Stroger Hospital amazingly enough before he was even out of office or even dead. A living memorial just like the sitting senator Burris has also built for himself.

Not quite a hospital, but one helluva monument Michael Jackson won't even be buried in.

And while laid up there in the hospital during an election, his kid wiggled into the coveted spot by some seemingly unseemly back room dealing, and is already planning for another run at it the right way this time around.

I made this Photoshop during that time since they practically dragged the man from the hospital out to sign some papers anointing his son as his predecessor.

I guessed by now you've realized these people are all democrats.

No back to the poor likely immigrant and even more likely an illegal I hate to say without being sure, but living nearby I would be willing to bet on it. rest in peace buddy.

Man's body found in Des Plaines River

chicagotribune.com: "PROSPECT HEIGHTS, Ill. - Cook County Forest Preserve Police say they have recovered a man's body from the Des Plaines River near where they have been searching for a Prospect Heights man who fell into the river last month.

Forest preserve police spokesman Steven Mayberry says the body found Tuesday has not been officially identified. He says officers spotted it in a logjam about a half-mile south of the Massasauga Picnic Area near River Road and Milwaukee Avenue in Prospect Heights.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's office pronounced the man dead Tuesday afternoon.

Forest preserve police had been conducting daily searches of the river since the evening of June 20, when Gavino Alvarez-Diego fell into the river while walking with another man."


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