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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jackson Sure Doesn't Look Near Death In This Video Does He?

This is almost proof positive not only was Jackson not suicidal but was really preparing for these shows and someone killed him, that's all there is to it. I wrote the same thing on the day he died and this practically proves it, unless he just very sloppily over medicated himself which isn't entirely unbelievable either.

Yet I find that hard to believe with a drug user as accomplished as he was at it, he was no newbie to pain killers and the likes..

I'm no Jackson sycophant by any stretch, yet I've been saying all along he found himself in the middle of an industry and a nefarious world were there were many people around him who would've loved to have seen him dead for a number of reasons.

In the precarious position of being worth much more dead than alive, even at his level of earning power, and were he to continue living the way he did, his chances of keeping himself out of perpetual bankruptcy were nearly nil.

Yet to die the way he has, has Elvis, Joplin, Hendrix and Buku dinero written all over it. in amounts never seen before with the loyal worldwide tribe of followers this guy had. I

In fact he was so popular in some countries, in the Phillipines the largest prison there did a video dance tribute to him within 10 hours of his death, look at this video if you havent seen it, these are killers and rapists dancing together to Michael Jackson music, that's pretty incredible I think.

Here's the whole video in it's entirety, pretty weird yet amazing.

There's just too many people out there that would stand to benefit greatly from this scenario that's occurred, like this shameless self promoter who looked like this the afternoon his 2nd youngest son died out of the blue. more of those in a post I did that day..

...and from the minute he was being brought to the hospital the smear machine was in full swing, painting him as a "drug addicted lowlife who was in no condition to complete this tour" and all this other he wasn't feeling well, missing all the rehearsals and all that crap

This video proves he was ready to start touring and was in no way getting ready to off himself the next day, so somewhere one of these DR Feelgood's who were leeching around him are sweating their asses off now.


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