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Monday, June 29, 2009

Joe Jackson Two Faces of Mourning, Camera's on and Camera's off

Joe Jackson when the camera's are rolling at the BET awards last night, got the black mourning face and attire going on full steam......

Not to mention how the greedy slave driving son of a bitch plugged a company he's forming in the wake of his gravy train son Michael's death, who by the way is worth a billion times more DEAD than he was ALIVE now to this greedy bastard

And you know Big Al and brother Jesse smell the cold hard cash and quickly become Joe Jackson's bestest friends and brutha's as the next few shots clearly show

Michael Jackson's father, who had an uneasy relationship with the superstar, has angered fans by making a commercial plug at his first appearance since his son's death.

Joe Jackson, the 79-year-old patriarch of the musical clan, made a surprise showing on the red carpet at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards, which had transformed into a remembrance for the pioneering King of Pop.

Here he's seen on the red carpet with the man who was the inspiration for the Pimping "Rooster Character" in Baretta during the seventies starring Hollywood murderer Robert Blake.

What a frickin' slug...... I always hated those two conniving men and not to mention the one shown down below...... and if you really want to see what Joe Jackson was really all about rent yourself the 5 hour miniseries called the Jacksons,

Which was an authorized biography put together by Jermaine Jackson himself who paints his little brother Michael as the family cash cow from 5 years old and onward, a great made for tv movie which certainly isn't the all definitive Jackson Family biography but leaves you with a greater understanding of the burdens placed on the young kids and particularly Michael, the golden goose that laid nothing but Platinum eggs.

Meanwhile this is big Joe on the very day his so called beloved son was found inexplicably dead and likely murdered when those cameras he and Jesse The Moth Jackson are they think nowhere to be found catching the three brother's having a good ol' reunion on the Michael Jackson purchased Encino semi mansion

Saw these on Free Republic and like the poster there found them pretty strange on the day your son dies inexplicably out of nowhere..then again, that's just me when loved ones die....

At least Jesse and the black panther looking bodyguard saw the cameras, while
Joe Jackson I'm sure is seeing nothing but these dancing in his head $$$$$$$$$$


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