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Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Is health bill too complex to grasp"? -Gee, Ya Think? Intended Perhaps?

Politico has a good article today on Obamacare with it's ridiculous complexity and red tape that should be an easy to read, bright red warning sign to anyone thinking for a second that our government can pull something like this off.

Their good graphic says it all....

But first let me tell you a couple stories that may sway some opinions of those who think this government can do this properly and less expensively.

And you can take it to the bank from this 44 year old Chicago man who survived a right temporal lobe brain tumor at 21 right after graduating college, and recently spent the past 7 years of his life severely afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis, who also spent two of those years more or less confined to a wheelchair right up until about 6 months ago when I began a miraculous recovery nearly restoring my full ability to walk unaided again.

That's another post for another time.

So I'll tell you one thing I now know from these often miserable, ongoing experiences, and that is our Government, nor certainly anyone in this Obama administration, as sure as hell did not get me on my feet walking again, it was entirely good old American private care physicians along with some old fashioned ass busting on my part is what did it...nothing more and nothing less.

Therefore, as a (hopefully continuing) once disabled American, I truly fear this Obama health bill, and am talking about these personal issues on the blog here for the first time, in order to offer a warning to all those on the left out there and some stragglers on the right, who think there's something better awaiting you and your loved ones around the corner, as there simply is not, no matter what the healthy, but Barack Obama, Barney Frank, the entire U.S. 111th congress or blubber filled Michael Moore Money says or said.....please believe me on this one.

While our care is certainly far from perfect, and the absolute fact that many Americans cannot afford much of it's top tier advantages like the most cutting edge drugs and therapies is indeed troubling to me without doubt, it's the very best there is available on this planet, and I know this for a fact. More than anyone I am personally acquainted with, which is fairly wide circle of dear friends and loved ones I am also thankful for always (an honor of which I hate to claim. you can all rest assured....)

And it's not a lack of compassion for others that makes me feel this way, as my very own dear and beloved Mother died on my birthday, 2 years ago in 2007 almost essentially from a lack of health insurance for a very brief time before her retirement, and regrettably, she paid the most consequential of penalties for her mistake. :(

She ignored warning signs of a deadly liver ailment due to her lack of health coverage, and her aversion like many others to spending her hard earned money for 3-$500 doctor appointments. Ones that her 2 sons, which includes myself, could have easily paid for at any time she asked (something of which she sadly did not do) which in the end cost her valuable preventive care and again in the end eventually cost her her precious life.

But in the end, she was still afforded the very same treatment I got with my full Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance coverage from top to bottom thank the good lord above for these past 6 years and beyond. And while quite somewhat costly to our family after her passing in peripheral billings of some highly skilled American specialists, as my personal physician of 10 years handled my mother's ER care for free as an invaluable favor to me, much of the most serious medical bills were later forgiven by the attending hospital Alexian Brothers in Elk Grove Illinois per "Illinois Not For Profit" hospital laws. some $650,000 if you can believe that one/

So from this man's personal experiences I can tell you what we have here works although it can be cumbersome and even devastating to navigate there's no way in hell this discombobulated group of politicians led in both aisles by Obama can manage this.

Where's the late Billy Mays when we need him, because this Obamacare is nothing more than government snake oil folks.............. and that's a fact.

Is health bill too complex to grasp?

POLITICO.com: "Olympia Snowe, it seems safe to assume, is following the health care debate a bit more closely than the average American.

So it is saying something that the Maine senator — a key figure in health care negotiations — admits she is stumped by the task of crafting a simple explanation for legislation of mind-numbing complexity.

“If anybody can give me an easy, 30-second solution to this multitrillion-dollar problem, be my guest,” said Snowe, a moderate Republican.

A Democratic lawmaker, Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota, agrees. “The members don’t even understand what’s in it,” he confessed of the legislation. As for his constituents? They are “not exactly sure what this is about, and they’re not really sure whether they like it or not.”

The most far-reaching domestic legislation to move through Capitol Hill in decades has engaged the minds of many of the country’s smartest and most-informed economists and public policy engineers.

But, as the health care battle enters a critical phase — with lawmakers about to greet constituents during summer recess — the reality is that the outcome will probably be shaped less by the intelligence of advocates on any side than by the ignorance of most Americans.

It may go too far to say that Americans are too dumb to understand concepts like “bending the cost curve.” Or too preoccupied by “America’s Got Talent” to decide whether “evidence-based medicine” is a euphemism for rationing.

But all sides of the debate are facing the same essential challenge: How to boil down arguments that flummox even veteran legislators into simple appeals that will engage an easily distracted, easily flustered electorate.

The burden may rest more heavily on supporters of reform, since time — and the daily crossfire of dueling talking points and legislative showdowns — seems to be increasing public doubt about the merits of reform.

The percentage of Americans who believe they will be worse off if health care reform passes — 21 percent — has doubled since February, according to a July tracking poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, while the 39 percent who believe they will be better off has remained relatively stagnant. On Wednesday, a new National Public Radio poll found opposition to Obama’s health care reform plan nearing the 50 percent mark.

That followed a Pew Research Center poll last week that found that 63 percent of people find health reform “hard to understand,” while 34 percent think it is “easy to understand.”

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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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