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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good News From The 'Sickest Criminal' Files "Baby cut from slain mom's womb found alive"

Darlene Haynes was found slain and wrapped in bedding
in her apartment closet, according to authorities.

How flickin sick and demented does one have to be to commit such an heinous crime as this I ask? The worst of crimes to say the least, of which we've seen repeated time and time again across this land, seemingly ever since a time ago when the third known instance of this type of an nearly inexplicable crime occurred 6 miles north of my neighborhood in a city called Addison IL.

That is where and when this human animal named Jacqueline Williams, along with her accomplice and boyfriend Fedell Caffey, nearly set the trend for the sickest among us when the did the very same thing to a young awaiting mother, who happened to be the sick killer's friend of all things..

for the previous two known instances of this and all others since please read here

Meanwhile, Flashback to Addison, Illinois - 1995, a day I and many others Illinoisans remember well.

In Addison, Illinois, Jacqueline Williams, her boyfriend Fedell Caffey and her cousin Lavern Ward went to the apartment of Ward’s ex-girlfriend, Deborah Evans. Evans had a nineteen month old child by Ward.

On November 16, 1995, The abductors shot her in the head and stabbed the ten year old daughter to death. They then performed a crude cesarean section, and took the newborn and eight year old boy with them, leaving the nineteen month old unharmed.

The abductors cut the eight year old boy’s throat and left the body ten miles from the crime scene. People from the community identified the abductors, and the newborn was recovered safely.

Sometimes it's a sick and sad world we live in, especially when sick people like those two above and this latest instance of fetal extraction and abduction cross our headlines each day, and all we can do is hope we and or law enforcement professionals we count on each day can catch these killers, and then pray some exact, swift and severe justice is administered upon they as soon as humanly possible, before they act again and again.

Here's the original report from CNN before the living fetus was miraculously found alive this morning thank the good lord above us all

Baby cut from slain mom's womb found alive - CNN.com:

"(CNN) -- A baby believed to be ripped from the womb of its mother has been found, Massachusetts police said Wednesday. In addition, authorities have arrested a suspect in connection with the crime." Police had searched for the baby since Monday, when her mother, Darlene Haynes, was found dead in the closet of her Worcester apartment.

Officers received tips from women who became suspicious of Julie A. Corey, a friend of Haynes who turned up with a newborn girl at the time that Haynes went missing.

Haynes told friends she delivered a baby sometime between July 23 and July 24 at an undisclosed Massachusetts hospital, according to authorities.

Police learned that Corey had moved to New Hampshire with a boyfriend. Police later found Corey and the baby Wednesday afternoon in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

The baby was in fairly good health and was taken to a hospital, Worcester police said.

Corey, 35, was arrested and charged with being a fugitive from justice.

Police discovered Haynes' body Monday, after neighbors complained about a stench.

Haynes, 23, was found in the closet of a bedroom, wrapped in bedding. Police think she had been dead for several days. She was last seen on July 23, and Corey was one of the last people to see her, authorities said. Video Watch neighbors describe victim »

A friend of Haynes told CNN affiliate WHDH that she received a text message from Haynes at 11:20 p.m. Thursday that said she was having wine coolers with a friend at her apartment.


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