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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Obama Tidbits Showing His True Colors

Picked this gem right off of Obama's own Open Government Website and it included a great list of Obama's so called "accomplishments" in the past six months, which looks more like a "how to list" of weakening and thus destroying the Americana we built and love, while simultaneously turn it into the Mecca of the west

Anyone who keeps up with the news knows each of these points are indeed true and can easily be verified by "googling" each phrase....so if these are new to you than do it yourself, because they're not new to me.
1. He called America a Muslim Nation.

2. He bowed to the Saudi King.

3. He has done nothing about North Korea.

4. With the first missile launch, he refused to turn on America's most advanced radar for Japan.

5. Australia has issued a report that it can no longer count on the US for its own defense.

6. America is functioning on Chinese Money, and they ordered Pelosi to go to Pay as You Go.
7. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan no longer feel they can count on the US.

8. Obama has done nothing for the Copts, the true Egyptians, who asked him to make Egypt stop persecuting them.

9. Obama has done nothing for Darfur, and seeks the approval of the Arab League and the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries), both of which have endorsed Bashir and the Sudan in its genocide.

10. He has decreased funding of the anti missile system on the west from 44 to 30 units.

11. He has withdrawn from the Persian Gulf to make the Arab Mullahs of Persia feel happy.

12. He has never held a five day period for the public to comment on bills.

13. He won't supply his birth certificate.

14. He has done nothing for the native Persians who seek to overthrow the Arab Mullahs of Iran, who import Hizbolla soldiers as storm troopers.

15. He is controlling the economy through the presidential office through the use of Czars, bypassing the senate.

16. He supports Acorn, even though there are 14 indictments against them, and gave them 6 billion.

17. He refused to let a system developed by the department of justice to verify that all who vote are American citizens be employed.

18 He has accepted political contributions from Muslims from around the world, in violation of Federal Law.

19. He seeks World Government in the UN to control the internal affairs of countries, including the US.

20. He supports Hamas.

21. He supports Hezbollah.

22. He has disrespected America's friends, such as England and Israel, and he has respected America's enemies such as Iran.

23. He has made remarks that will lead Muslims to believe he is a Muslim.

24. He has never said when he was baptized, became a Christian, who baptized him, and where.

25. He has said the Islamic call to prayer is the prettiest sound he has ever heard.

26. He has ordered the Department of Agriculture to start certifying Halal meat.

27. He has refused to drop the tariff on sugar cane ethanol, even though Brazil is energy independent because it gets 40% of its energy from sugar cane, which turns one barrel of oil into the equivalent of 8 barrels of sugar cane ethanol.

28. He is using Acorn to map the front door of every building in America.

29. He is seeking gun registration.

30. He is downsizing America's military so in ten years it may be smaller than the Chinese military.

31. He seeks to transfer American technological expertize to Muslim nations.

32. He is bankrupting America.

etc., ad nauseum.
Not the kind of list we have come to expect from America loving presidents, even including past democrats who would never came close to this dis assembly of America, not even close.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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