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Monday, June 8, 2009

POTUS signs TOTUS to 3 Yr./ 51 mil. Contract With Incentives

Talk About Don't Leave Home Without It:

This whole ongoing teleprompter deal with Obama is not even funny anymore after being ripped for it now by the right for about a year, and for even NBC to finally come out and openly mock Obama's incessant and incredulous addiction to this thing reveals the only perceived strength this Kenyan born fraud had going for him in the non internet world is just like the rest of the package, a complete sham.

We conservative patriots warned that it's not his race that frightened us, it's his completely false and embellished resume, that's all it ever was. And if the country's liberals really love America as much as they claim, then please admit you were fooled and let's all fix this mistake now while we all still have a chance.

And to show it's not even a partisan thing, I'd even take another democrat over this fraud, including her Royal Thighness Hillary, and I dislike her more than any woman on planet earth, but she'd make a better president than this guy, that's for damn sure.

There are no do-over's in the dangerous world in which we all live and our enemies are laughing out loud at our entire government on both sides of the aisle and Obama is the court Jester.

He's quicker than any previous president in our entire history become an utter unqualified embarrassment because of this weakness, particularly to our most brightest, educated and prolific African Americans, who's resume's are littered with real life, top of the mountain achievements. Men and women who are far more deserving to lead our land than Obama is or ever was.

And if any one of these network television news divisions had a tinge of love for their country to reveal this long ago identified weakness, he wouldn't even be a senator back here in Illinois anymore, much less the president of these United States and leader of the free world.

If you haven't seen this NBC mock job then do take a look, as the media is finally about 1 year late and about 10 trillion dollars short cutting the myth to down size, which proves to be far less than the ridiculous Messiah the entire left wing fell in love with, now uncovering nothing more than a pathetic, made for TV mirage that got lucky with a few good performances in the Political version of American Idol.

No way to elect a president I hope the country has now learned


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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