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Monday, June 15, 2009

Pay homage to Jackson, greatest coach of all time

He did it here 6 times with the aid of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Steve Kerr, John Paxson, screwball Dennis Rodman and many others, and even then, people didn't give Phil Jackson too much credit for the victories seeing he had on his bench the greatest basketball player to ever lace up sneakers without a doubt.

Together, 6 championships that in many experts' opinions wouldn't have happened to either one without the other, one helluva feat nonetheless for both men.

Then he went to LA to try it again and won three with Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant on the roster together, before the two drama queens went their separate ways with Jackson retiring (for the first time it turned out)

Then the two stars fought it out with Bryant staying behind to get wrapped up in a worldwide rape scandal, somehow wiggling his way out of that, as he pushed ONeal out o town who went off to Miami and has finished his career without another title like the ones when the three were one.

Then Jackson came back to the Lakers and Bryant after some not so hot seasons without Jackson and ONeal to keep his head from getting bigger than a prize winning October Pumpkin, being accused of and rightfully so being a one man Hollywood show with no sequel's at the end of the season.

Jackson comes back, kicks Bryant into gear and turning him into a more organized one man show, letting his teammates suit up for the games once in a while as well, and voila! It's back to the Championship circle once again, and this time the tenth for Jackson, making him the all time winningest coach in NBA history surpassing the great, late and wildly Jealous Red Aeurbach of the old time Larry Bird Celtics.

A well deserved honor no matter what the jealous naysayers yelp about, claiming it was the result of this player or that player carrying the load and what not.

Let's not forget to mention Jackson was also a star player on the 1970's New York Knicks, with the likes of Dave DeBusschre, Earl the Pearl Monroe and Walt Clyde Frazier....no slouches there either. No doubt one of the few if not the Best there's ever been at what he does, and that is WIN both as a player and a coach with and part of the best there ever were in this game of Basketball..

And this is how many of the folks out in LA decided to celebrate the victory last night in Looney Town USAAnd LA has announced they're too damn broke to provide the team a victory parade, I guess all those illegals and Hollywood stars are saving their money for better things.

This similar piece from Fox Sports.,....
Pay homage to Jackson, greatest coach of all time: ORLANDO - The Los Angeles Lakers' Phil Jackson has some polarizing traits, from that grin that drifts into a smirk to his tendency to tiptoe between erudite and seemingly arrogant. But now that he was won 10 championships, NBA fans need to embrace the idea that he's the greatest coach in basketball history.

There is no discussion, no debate. more


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