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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paterson Scolds Partisan NY Senate, Orders Special Session

We have the same selfish, self centered, partisan bull going on here in Illinois for almost a decade now, as these criminal politicians across the country spend more time protecting their special interests and campaign donors than they do sticking up for the people they work for, you and me.

It's so bad up in New York that the Governor David Paterson, a whore chasing drug user who himself stepped in for another whore chasing criminal and top lawmaker turned breaker Eliot Spitzer, has threatened to call in the state police to get these morons to start doing their jobs instead of the "Screw The People Two Step" they've been engaged in thus far this year!

What a disgrace these politicians of America have become today, as most of them in office are nothing more than true, unadulterated bought and paid for scum (video here)
wcbstv.com: . "Governor David Paterson says enough is enough. Fed up with the fighting in Albany, the governor is ordering Senators back into the state house – and he plans to keep them there until the squabbling stops.

'Over the last couple of weeks, the senators' conduct has been laughable – but what's going on around here is no joke, and I don't find it funny,' Paterson said."

Saying he's not amused on Sunday, a stern Paterson ordered a special state Senate session for Tuesday.

"To the senators, I tell you: you have inconvenienced the lives of all New Yorkers for a couple of weeks, and now you will come back to work and do the people's business," he said.

Since two dissident Democratic senators teamed up with Republicans to form a coalition government and oust Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, angry Democrats have refused to take part in Senate sessions and have hidden bills and agendas from the coalition. Paterson threatened both sides that they'd better show up to the special session or he'll schedule sessions on weekends and holidays until they find a resolution.

"If the senators do not cooperate with this order, I will convene a special session everyday until they do," Paterson said. "That includes Saturdays and Sundays, that includes Fourth of July. There will be no excuses, and there will be no tolerance to non-compliance to this order."

While the governor can't force senators to vote on or debate bills, the New York Constitution grants him the power to call a special legislative session – and experts say he can even keep the senators in the state house with the help of state police.

"I think, at the extreme, he does have the power to call them in, and use the power of the police to bring them in, to get them all in the same room," state constitution expert Richard Briffault says.

But the governor can't do much more beyond that.

"The governor has the power to propose, to give them an agenda, and to make them look at it," Briffault says. "But he has no power to make them take any action."

Work in the Senate has ground to a halt since the June 8 leadership dispute began.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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