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Friday, June 26, 2009

NY Pols Taking "High" Road.."Dave is a coke snorting, staff-banging governor" ....

Maybe next time Albany New York Senator Kevin Parker, (who himself is under indictment facing felony assault charges) will say what he's really thinking and means, instead of beating around the bush as he did with that above comment straight from the hoods of New York

So he loudly and proudly called his NY Governor David Paterson a 'coke snorting, staff-banging governor" who btw was named governor after the resignation of that other famous lowlife whore chaser named Eliot Spitzer I'm sure most everyone recalls...

What a crowd of bums and losers huh?

On one hand I am lmao at these clowns, yet it's also pretty sad as the state governments across the country mostly run by liberals at this moment nearing total collapse and complete break down as the wheels are coming off in all directions from the coast of California to the breadbasket of Illinois to the State of Confusion also known as New York

stars of the Paterson and Parker Show, Gov Dave Paterson and Sen Parker of New York State
who can both be seen at Zanie's on Friday's (just kiddin)

ALBANY - Albany's dysfunctional follies veered further into the inane on Thursday:

Gov. Paterson cut off some Senate pay, a lawmaker branded the governor a "coke snorting" womanizer and the Senate - once again - accomplished nothing. The only sign of progress in ending the impasse that began June 8 with a Republican-led coup was that warring senators agreed not to battle for the gavel.

Democrats and Republicans held short, separate sessions in which they did no business. Sources hinted that a deal may be near - but there were no details.

Among the day's lowlights:

- Paterson ordered that the per diems and travel expenses paid to do-nothing senators be withheld.

- Democrats blasted the governor for keeping them in Albany day after day and hot-headed Sen. Kevin Parker called Paterson a "coke snorting, staff-banging governor." Paterson has admitted youthful drug use and several extra-marital affairs.

- The governor ordered both sides back Friday - and said he won't let them go home until they vote on important legislation.

"This is a crisis that needs to be redressed and it needs to be redressed now," Paterson told reporters. "This is a crisis of governance."

The Senate has been paralyzed since a GOP-led leadership coup on June 8 that included dissident Democrats Pedro Espada Jr. and Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens).

Monserrate has since switched back to the Democrats, leaving the Senate deadlocked at 31-31.

Senators on both sides toned down the vitriol yesterday, reporting progress in negotiations for a leadership agreement that would get the Senate working again.

"We acknowledge ... we have brought obviously a lot of disrespect to this institution," Espada said.

Both sides agreed to go in separately yesterday to avoid a replay of Tuesday's circus, when each party held simultaneous sessions.

The Democrats gaveled in, said they believed the session wasn't legal without the governor also calling in the Assembly, and left in under four minutes.

The Republicans followed suit in even less time.

Paterson accused senators of being more interested in going home for the weekend than getting their work done.

"The Senate is derelict in their duties just at the time that the people need the Senate to act the most," he said.

Paterson's continued actions and criticisms have worn thin on his fellow Democrats.

Parker, who is under indictment for felony assault, said lawmakers don't need a "coke snorting, staff-banging governor to lecture us about behavior in government."

He was unapologetic about the attack.
"I'm sorry the governor has not provided the kind of leadership we need to deal with the issues of the people of New York, that's what I'm sorry about," Parker said

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