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Monday, June 22, 2009

In Iran,Will NEDA's Death Change Obama's Tune?

I wonder if Obama feels any different starting out this week after the youtube filmed death of the poor young Iranian woman known as NEDA, first broadcast out of Iran on Twitter and the entire internet was filled with tributes and editorials about the killing of the young woman over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Obama was taking 17 vehicle motorcades to frozen custard stores, and I don't give a damn whether it's father's day or no father's day, while also hosting Skateboarding adults riding up and down the hallways of our White House and twittering pictures of it you can see here and defending it as well as some kind of Patriot. One who's parent's obviously never taught him to not ride a skateboard in the house, especially the White House, which is NOT OBAMA's HOUSE.

A rather large contrast between the real world of Iranian revolution and young women being killed and Obama's little 'I'm the president" playworld, wouldn't you agree?

Obama's a perfect compliment the dim dem Carter era, and together they make perfect bookends of American weakness in democratic leadership that the world exploits every time it comes to town, which put these Mullah's in power in the first place 30 plus years ago.

Only, pray the kids there have the strength to continue their pursuit for freedom ,because they shamefully won't be getting any assistance from the pussies in the west who now hold the leadership positions, led by Obama of coarse.

Now there's 18 fathers who have lost their children to Iranian Revolutionary guardsmen and police for protesting a rigged election, just as the man who's daughter referred to as NEDA is dying in his very arms for all the world to see.

This video may haunt Obama and his pathetic inaction prior to this killing for a long time, which you can see in this very sad and graphic youtube below that's haunting me after watching it the first time causing me to pen this rant aimed in Obama's direction.

This is a budding revolution as we all can see, one that Obama first ridiculously characterized as a "Robust Debate", an idiotic statement of which we clobbered him for last week in this post, long before he began to backpedal on his dumb assed assessment of the obvious explosive Iranian elections.

Our government should have been far more prepared for this than they obviously were, and I'll tell you one thing, if this Chicago blogger can recognize a revolution before the POTUS.. we're in big, big trouble.

But of coarse we've known this here since Obama was elected senator 3 years ago and didn't manage to accomplish a damn thing of note in the 110 days before starting to run for president. As I've been writing here since my first Obama post in August of 2006, This man is the biggest mistake the United States has ever made.

Thanks to Maggie's notebook for the video as she has a great write up on this tragic murder, as does Time Mag online, which I've clipped a piece of below.

In Iran, One Woman's Death May Have Many Consequences

TIME: "Iran's revolution has now run through a full cycle. A gruesomely captivating video of a young woman — laid out on a Tehran street after apparently being shot, blood pouring from her mouth and then across her face — swept Twitter, Facebook and other websites this weekend.

The woman rapidly became a symbol of Iran's escalating crisis, from a political confrontation to far more ominous physical clashes. Some sites refer to her as 'Neda,' Farsi for the voice or the call. Tributes that incorporate startlingly upclose footage of her dying have started to spring up on YouTube."

Although it is not yet clear who shot "Neda" (a soldier? pro-government militant? an accidental misfiring?), her death may have changed everything. For the cycles of mourning in Shiite Islam actually provide a schedule for political combat — a way to generate or revive momentum. Shiite Muslims mourn their dead on the third, seventh and 40th days after a death, and these commemorations are a pivotal part of Iran's rich history.

During the revolution, the pattern of confrontations between the shah's security forces and the revolutionaries often played out in 40-day cycles. (See pictures of terror in the streets of Tehran.)

The first clashes in January 1978 produced two deaths that were then commemorated on the 40th day in mass gatherings, which in turn produced new confrontations with security forces — and new deaths. Those deaths then generated another 40-day period of mourning, new clashes, and further deaths. The cycle continued throughout most of the year until the shah's ouster in January 1979.

The same cycle has already become an undercurrent in Iran's current crisis. The largest demonstration, on Thursday of last week, was called by opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi to commemorate the deaths of protesters three days after they were killed. continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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