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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's Some Real Torture For The Anti "GitmoShower" Crowd

That's a symbolic phrase I've coined for waterboarding, and while no I haven't been waterboarded myself I could give a damn as to whether or not some armchair liberal says it's torture as for every expert they pull out of the woodwork the pro waterboarding contingent of which I belong can do the same.

All I do know is that any imbecile can tell the difference between what some of our soldiers have been subjected to at the hands of filthy radical Islamic terrorists' make the waterboarding routine look like exactly what I call it.

a little Club Gitmo shower that's a lot less painful than the de lousing American prisons used in the last century and nothing compared this crap, real Islamic torture that these people utilize on their own family members, much less people they consider to be at war with....which last time I checked means YOU AND ME>

no video? heres the link

See more of that at Muhammad Tube..

Pam Geller / Atlas Shrugs was who came up with that thing, and claims she has thousands of them, and I'll say as she does in her post that if the liberals want to continue this fight everytime she posts one we'll post it here as well.

The more the merrier per se until the world wakes up to what's really going on in the medieval underground cult of Islam, demonstrating why it needs be nuked into the last millennium or our very own existence is in deep peril thanks to pussification of America thanks to the Momo's on the left.

This country as is nearing the time when it will have no chance against these animals they're breeding in the Middle East full of hatred and fury for the west that you see in that video, meanwhile our elementary students are slipping rubbers on dildo's and learning the finer points of homosexual sex acts...The end of the west nears if America doesn't get tough again and learn who the enemies really are and believe you me they're amongst us everywhere you turn.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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