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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flashback On Iraq: Harry Reid On The Iraq War , NY Times, Hillary Suspending Disbelief, Etc..(videos)

Playing politics with the lives of our soldiers, the lives and possible freedom of the Iraqi people while defending Saddam and his murderous regime, democrats would have deprived the Iraq people the freedom they now have today thanks to our brave military and President George W Bush..

Freaking traitors, every last one of them who are now miraculously leading this country into failure and the abyss, just as they wished during the Iraq War.....

Remember this feckless Freaking traitor Harry Reid?

This is what Dems bring in the form of leadership when the Chips are down and in the face of danger.

Spineless Moron.....

Oh and what about this one, remember this treasonous Leftywitz golden oldie
dragging a decorated General into congress to call him a liar and a traitor!!!!

And then there was Her Royal Thighness, failure of a wife of the new millennium,
Shrillary Clinton calling the Surge a Failure, the president a liar and pissing on General Petreaus?

Let us not forget the former Marine Jihad Jack Murtha accusing our own soldiers falsely as it turned out of killing women and children deliberately in cold blood in Haditha. ALL FALSE CHARGES His Traitorous remarks come at 1:30 into the video

Then of coarse we bring you the moron of Morons, the guy who's now in the White House trying to take credit for all the sacrifice and balls shown by our military, their leaders and George Bush.

A real leader who, against the advice the spineless world and treasonous democrats in the throes of 911, charged right into the enemies backyards to take the fight from New York back to the Middle East...

and most of all to you and me IN A TIME OF WAR..

They Betrayed us all.

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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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