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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Cap And Trade Deception, Part & Parcel Of The Entire Obama Deception

A movie title by the way that if you haven't viewed by now need to at once and then pass along to your friends and relatives who haven't seen it either, made and released by Alex Jones a few months back.

It suggests and proves that this man has perpetrated and nearly completed the greatest fraud against the American people ever assembled and executed in modern times if not America's entire 230 year history.

Now onto just a few things related to last weeks events in Cap and Trade that Obama warned Americans of with numerous inadvertent Freudian slips, yet many chose to ignore or not believe.

Below is the evidence of the intended Cap and Trade fraud as he openly admitted along the campaign trail his plans of the massive redistribution of wealth from the middle class, in order to subjugate all Americans to a substantially lower standard of living. A maneuver that he also famously warned Joe The Plumber Wurzelbacher about, who was of coarse nearly destroyed for tricking Obama into admitting the truth of his intentions which the left either still refuses to believe or entirely supports.

Well they'll start to believe it when they can't afford their weed and porn anymore.

This of coarse is the execution of the liberal's long desired decimation of American power which is almost complete should this Crap And Trade bill make it's way through the senate, and for this the Messiah should be removed from office along with the leadership of said 111th congress as traitors to the American people, the country's principles and foremost the constitution.

The lies and deceptions are well documented and need to be pounded home to the people who slept ignorantly through the election process missing cues like these that Obama dropped like crumbs in the woods leading back to his redistribution or should we say theft of American middle class wealth

Video One, the cap and trade lie

Here is when Obama admitted that his plans would bankrupt the US coal industry that even I blogged about way back in November, 2 days before the election that can be verified here, so the information was there for all to read see and know.

The moronic Obamanite's simply avoided learning the truth staring them and the country right in the face, as this admission alone should have cost Obama the election but didn't, thanks to MSM complicity and again Obama voter apathy which was also proved days after the election by John Zeigler at this link on this very blog as well.

Yet in spite of that warning you just heard and could have a week before the election, America's coal states voted this man into office, so to them and their soon bankrupt and dying industry and states, one can only say "tough shit", as those people made this bed so they and now we have to all sleep in it because of their idiocy.

That is unless America mobilizes now to remove Obama from office for election fraud and a litany of other constitutional violations which easily rise to high crimes and misdemeanors only 6 months into his disastrous Neo Fascist rule.

And of course those comments were all made during visits to San Fran Freako where he finds himself surrounded by like minded American Power hating tree hugging homosexual fascists and was also where he made this famous remark completing the Triumvirate that should have kept this liberal loon far away from the white house to accomplish these damaging goals of his and his criminal accomplices in congress...

The famous clinging to our guns and religion statement.

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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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