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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WA Times Corners Domestic Terrorist Billy Ayers In DC Lecture On Racism

Nothing like a cop killing domestic terrorist being considered an excellent spokesman for the racism issue that the left hopes to see never ever die. And with morons like this overgrown punk it never will die, otherwise democrats have no platform nor purpose.

Ol' Billy wasn't too happy being cornered and challenged by a right wing extremist newspaper's and let his displeasure blow like an old familiar Weatherman Underground pipe bomb lobbed at a police station:

When questioned by The Washington Times during a lecture on racism, Wee Willie Ayers went ballistic.
"Did you drink the kool-aid over at The Times or are you okay?" he asked. "What I'm saying is ... do you actually have a mind of your own?"
He has the audacity to talk about KoolAid drinkers, he the number one Obama jock straightener on the planet, an Obama neighbor and likely ghost writer of one if not more of Obama's so called autobiographies?

Not exactly a warm welcome to the Times reporter now was it? It even sounds and looks better than it reads:

Don't you love the liberal "domestic terrorist pirate" double earring look coupled with the 1/8th inch "I don't really work for my money" face fuzz? This man actually has a lifetime paycheck courtesy the University of Chicago via the Illinois taxpayers including myself, and is basically the surrogate father of our so called president!

What a travesty of justice this person is along with his murdering wife.

Talk about a back assward country moving in the wrong direction, when a man who came inches away from the death penalty and is presently under investgation for murder is now on the liberal celebrity circuit as an Obama confidant who is likely dishing advice to Obama on a regular basis.

Typical of liberal domestic terrorist to inject a personal attack when no reasonable answer comes to mind, which happens far too often to be dismissed as heat of the moment reaction, which he will likely claim this was later today in his response to this at Huffpo or some other left leaning ragpost that dials him up for his version.

Full Article here


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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