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Friday, May 1, 2009

Proof Schools Are Filled With Socialist Indoctrinating Liberal Ideologues

Look what happened to this apparent high school kid who was allegedly shredded and berated in class in front of his classmates for 10 minutes by his seemingly left wing ObamaNazi goose stepping teacher for daring to watch and or listen to Fox news.com in the computer filled classroom in which they were all engaging in online activities..

These lefties fight ot keep porn available in libraries and such but fox news is a no no on their brownshirt lists of things to spew hatred about.

So anyhow, the kid calls up Rush Limbaugh, and had this to say on his show yesterday afternoon, which has triggered a top to bottom uproar and investigation into the out of control socialist doctrine being drilled into our kids heads by left wing subversives in classrooms from Maine to Alaska.

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Here's the information available on the school involved should you feel compelled to give them a ring in your spare time in the name of free speech and helping to stop the outright viscous attacks on the alternative views and values of conservatives being pissed on like washroom urinal by teachers and anti American professors all over the country today.

West High School

5376 N Long Lake Rd
Traverse City, MI 49684
(231) 933-7500

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Student Says Teacher Scolded Him for Viewing FOXNews.com
FOXNews.com - - "A Michigan high school is investigating allegations that one of its teachers berated and belittled a student for taking part in what the teacher considered an unacceptable activity: reading FOXNews.com.

A young man who identified himself only as Mitchell, an 18-year-old senior at Traverse City West Senior High School, called in to Rush Limbaugh's radio show Thursday and said he was yelled at in front of his classmates for reading the 'wrong' news.

The teacher of his video production class saw what he was looking at and 'proceeded to give me a 10-minute lecture on why I can't read FOX News ... and that I can only listen to BBC and other news venues,' the student said.

James Feil, superintendent of Traverse City Area Public Schools, told FOXNews.com that any attempts to pressure students politically would go against his schools' policies.

"It would be inappropriate. I would clearly tell you that is not something that we would do anything to indoctrinate students here," he said. "That would clearly be a violation of our policies and guidelines, written or non-written."

Traverse City West principal Joe Tibaldi declined to comment about the inquiry he was leading, but school officials said the student hadn't violated any computer-use rules in his class.

But the school has a strict policy against bullying, which it says "may in circumstances be a violation of federal or state law" and goes against its commitment to provide a safe learning environment.

"Bullying, taunting, stalking, hazing and other forms of harassment ... by any member of the staff are strictly forbidden," according to the school handbook. "Any student or staff member found to have bullied, taunted, stalked, hazed or harassed another person in any form will be subject to discipline."

Traverse City West has several art and science teachers, but it was unclear who leads the video production class. The superintendent wouldn't confirm the involvement of any specific teacher.

Feil said the student never filed a complaint to the school and Tibaldi was following up "in a very responsible and a timely manner."

FOXNews.com's Joseph Abrams contributed to this story.

Click here to read the transcript from RushLimbaugh.com.


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  1. This is the common place occurrence in the public schools of the Brave New America. When you send your kids to school here you can expect them to be belittled, berated, and sexually molested by the hard working teaching staff.

    I am going to have to file a discrimination lawsuit against the Monroe County Board of Education, because none of my teachers had or tried to have sex with me. That just don't seem fair.

  2. As a mother and grandmother, I wish I could go back in time.... We are part to blame for all of this you know.... We may not have liked what was going on in the schools for years, but we did not do enough to weed it out of there. I complained when I needed to and always explained to my children what was up... We should have done more.

  3. I think single parent families have the most to do with it as the parents were too busy working to join the PTA and the likes and now two parent families are forced to work to make ends meet with expensive kids

    Then the concerted effort of liberals to move into the teaching profession had a lot to do with it no doubt.

    A job where they could take 4 months of the year to travel around protesting or just doing what they do when they're not protesting....

  4. How did the schools gain so much control over our children? Here in Chicago, the schools are exempt from obscenity laws and that sux. It's as if the schools own my son when he is in school. He is scared of his teacher but the school does not care. It really makes me feel like the worst mom on earth for keeping him there.

  5. You do what you can, these Chi schools aren't the best but most outside of the south and west sides are far from the worst. Send the teacher's name in an email from the address in the "left sidebar Contacts" near the top and lets see what we can find out about him


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