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Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama The Micromanager Barges In On Forrest Gump Gibb's Presser

Watch Obama bumble in on this press conference to announce to the world something I had on this blog at 5 am this morning as did a million other bloggers, the fact that David Souter is retiring/ One thing, I want to ask, keep your eyes on the O'bumbler's little cheat sheet that he needs to spout off about 6 piddly sentences that any high school kid could've memorized easily.

But not the Almighty Messianic O'Bumbler himself.

This guy is more of a moth than Jesse Bright Lights Jackson, I think Obama can't get through a day now without his adulation fix from his loyal peasants and servants formerly known as the white house press corps that for 75 years have been the watchdogs of the white house, except now they're the lapdogs.

Also keep an eye on those squirrely looking red eyes in this video as well.....

Was it just me or did Obama seem a little buzzed, just a little to chummy and goofy for someone with as much crap to worry about as he has in my opinion. What the ____ are these people so damn happy about in that room anyways? Oh yea I forgot, life's a lot more fun up there in the ivory towers that I thought Obama was going to bring an end to.

Regular old folks the Obama's are right? Like his wife buying and wearing $600 "sister souljah" signature tennis shoes to a food bank the other day!...boy oh boy did the left get suckered on this guy...hope and change my ass.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. You gotta love it when he busts in on his own PSOTUS and belittles him in front of the world.

  2. No doubt, classic ObaMoron move and I truthfully think Obama was wasted and thought it would be funny to stomp in the room and flex his new found power. I despise this man with disgust reserved for the lowest of scum and vermin Blue....


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