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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Officers Fired Over Beating of Unconscious Man -Video

This is Chicago Ray's policy on people or should I say criminals who are crazy enough to run from the police when they are asked to pull over seeing this in their rear view mirrors:

If they're running they're already a dangerous criminal, because no one else runs unless they're wanted by police somewhere for something, they're drunk or high and possibly already driving on revoked or suspended license, the car is filled with weapons, illicit drugs or both...and that's just for starters of what the police must contend with before beginning to chase this obvious bum.

As far as I'm concerned, once they make the decision to run, they're open game to be hunted, and once the police catch up to them they're free to do whatever the hell they want to to this obvious dangerous threat to their lives and all the lives they disregarded, like yours and mine and everyone else's as they went whizzing by countless cars with complete disregard while being pursued by police.

If you make the crazy decision to run from a police stop, you're already saying to the police and the world "I Don't Give A Flying F*&^"...... and for that reason cops can just shoot 'em dead as far as I'm concerned. And under the circumstances, a piddly little ass whooping should be met with a grateful 'Thank you sir, may I have another" as you gave up all your rights once you chose to flee, that's my policy in a nutshell, finito.

Just like this miserable piece of breathing scum who took police on a lengthy high speed chase until the very end at which point the vehicle he's driving flips over leaving the roadway, as the unconscious scum is ejected through an open window or sunroof, while the cops that arrive on the scene proceed to administer an ass whooping on what appears in the video to be an unconscious hunk of human garbage, or at least he acts that way while being pummeled.

I believe it to be an act myself.

So basically, as a result these 5 officers who risked their lives trying to make sure this criminal didn't hurt anyone on his selfish joyride are now unemployed and for all they knew at that moment, that guy was gonna flip over the second they arrived and start shooting at them with a concealed weapon, so for that reasoning alone I say this firing is complete bullshit and if this guy is awarded any money on top of it I'd begin filing some lawsuits of my own rest assured..

Caught on Tape: ABC News: "Five police officers in Birmingham, Ala., were fired Tuesday evening for beating an unconscious man as revealed in a video recently obtained by top city officials, according to reporting from the Birmingham News.

Dashcam video shows Birmingham cops hitting an already unconscious man.

The video shows police officers violently beating an unconscious suspect after a 22-minute interstate chase. Captured from inside a Birmingham police car, the video reveals the subject, 38-year-old Anthony Warren, in a white Ford van being chased by several patrol cars." more

How do they know he's unconscious? For all they know this hunk of scum was smart enough to know this would be on camera and put on this act just for this very reason, as a way to deflect the attention fron the fact that he's the damn criminal here, not the damn cops.

This is all thanks to the ACLU liberals who make the job of police harder and harder to do each and every day, yet when they are confronted with evil like this bum, who do they call?

The very cops they hate and despise every other day of the year, damn pussies.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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