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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obama greeted by cheers and CIVIL protests at Notre Dame

Obama appeared as promised, and to their credit Notre Dame's student body of graduates, alumni and guests were quite receptive of Obama the president, and not a single boo was heard among the crowd which gave him an ovation sure to drown out any boo birds, as we would expect no less from the dignified people and their families whom attend the university, no doubt some of America's finest and brightest people and faculty in the land.

So much 0f an ovation he was barely able to begin to give his speech, which I must admit opened up very light hearted and off the cuff under all the controversial circumstances, but very quickly began to sound like a Trinity United sermon, as he went off on a somewhat divisive tone inserting the usual class warfare garbage by referring to the poor people of the world who cannot attend the fine university, making many visibly squirm in their seats with white guilt as was intended.

Obama was making the ridiculous argument as if it's some pre ordained right and opportunity overlooked for centuries by Notre Dame and other prestigious universities in that every person, be they smart nor stupid should be given on a platinum platter, in other words basically more of the same old tired and atypical Obama leftist spread the wealth drivel.

The crowd that was highly approving at the outset suddenly seemed a bit uncomfortable and confused as the Baptist minister like speech carried well on past the 5 minute mark to last a little over 20 minutes, which was a little long compared to the one's I've sat through including my own

One nutcase did manage to physically disrupt the speech who was rightfully ridiculed by the audience throughout, as there's no room for that crap during an event like this while it's actually taking place, as it became quite obvious the majority of the students had no problem with the appearance, and whether right or wrong, it's their graduation ceremony and that's that. So if they want it to be marred by a pro choice, 3rd rate comedian president using their graduation as another launching pad for his Marxist spreading ot the wealth dogma, well then that's their prerogative and they exercised it to the fullest so therefore were not disappointed in the least.

All in all, in this man's opinion this speech by a pro choice president of the most radical degree we've ever seen in the mainstream comes at an interesting time, that being when Americans are more and more awakening to the fact that this procedure has wrongfully claimed 1/3 rd of an entire generation at this point, and for the very first time since Gallup polls have been in existence has showed a majority of Americans actually calling themselves Pro Life or in raw numbers a 51 to 42% margin, quite a difference from polls over the last decades.

Translated that means for the first time in 40 years, so there is some hope on the horizon in spite of Obama's ascendancy to the presidency that one day soon young Americans will take over the left leaning courts from the radical activist liberals still lingering around from the sixties, and restore humanity back to American after nearly fifty long years of unforgivable genocide that even the participant in Roe V Wade has herself regretted all her adult life.

Obama is on the wrong side of this argument in a big way and regardless of what occurred today will be called in front of his maker be it God or Allah to answer for his radical support of the denial of life to a budding human being, in a choice that should only be left to God and only he, not some robed man nor some woman handed a lifetime appointment as a US judge,.

Women, who by the way always have and had the choices of using birth control of some sort, except of coarse in the small number of cases involving incest, rape and sexual abuse of all kinds , if not out and out abstinence as opposed to flat out murder dressed up in fancy clothes and lipstick. A brutal "nuclear option" now marketed for far too long as an easy escape valve for unwanted pregnancies, or at it's worst genocide of the poorest minority offspring in the land, which many claim abortion to be, particularly since minorities do tend to be the largest group of women utilizing the brutal practice.

What a disgrace the pro choice movement is, the President of Notre Dame and the president of the United States bowed down to Satan today by glorifying the choice of murder as acceptable methods of birth control.

An out an out Obamination.

I happen to know personally how many Notre Damer's feel on this day, as my own father is a proud and very successful member of the elite Notre Dame alumni, and he is quite unhappy today as are millions of others that the president of Notre Dame pissed all over today by ignoring their requests to deny Obama not the invitation to speak as the president of the United States (although many of us argue that point and his true eligibility to hold the office) but the honorary degree bestowed upon him as again the most radical pro choice president out of 10 since the inception of Roe V Wade

Giving this to obama was akin to planned parenthood giving a degree to the pope, an outlandish decision, and all this took place mostly for this money shot shown below, and some good old Obama like teleprompter speak which will sadly cost the University it's well earned credibility and dignity, not to mention the fact that is has cheapened the sheepskin's delivered to the most brilliant of brilliant that The University of Notre Dame produces and has produced throughout the years have themselves earned.

An out and out disgrace If I may say, it's now water under the bridge and the long lasting effects of the afternoon remain to be seen.

My Way News - Obama greeted by cheers, protests at Notre Dame: "SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) - President Barack Obama, wearing the blue gown of the University of Notre Dame, joined commencement ceremonies Sunday at the nation's leading Catholic university amid protests over his support of abortion rights and stem-cell research.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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