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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Media Builds Up To Tear Down: "Susan Boyle's two four-letter rants in one day"

When will they start doing this to the Messiah? For that I can't wait.....

This poor woman out in Britain, Susan Boyle who they call "So Bo" over there, seems to be cracking up at all the media attention she' s been getting, and as the media loves so much to do, (that is create the roaring train and then help watch it wreck) is exactly what they're doing with this poor lady as she has a breakdown of sorts in the public eye at this hotel where the contestant's stay it's being reported all over the pop culture side of the internet.

Here's a piece from the Sun UK which isn't exactly the most dignified paper of record out there as one of the offenders that helped drive Princess Diana right into a grave..They really pound the poor washerwoman with stuff like this and the written piece below it.

Anyone just yanked off the streets would bum out seeing that kind of crap being printed in their hometown newspapers, what Jackals.

Then again, as crafty as Simon Cowell and these people are for publicity this could all be staged just like her phenom performance they all played off as this big shocker of a moment as if they didn't know before hand she could belt out a song like old Kate Smith.
Susan Boyle's two four-letter rants in one day

|Britain's got Talent | The Sun | "SHE dreamed a dream - but that dream is turning into a bit of a nightmare for Susan Boyle.

The 48-year-old virgin, watched by a staggering 286 million on YouTube, is having the week from hell.

Despite getting through to BGT's live finals on Saturday, it seems that Miss Boyle has, well, gone off the boil.

To be fair, millions of us heaped the pressure on her after watching her first audition.

What we have got to realise is that Susan is not an incredible singer - she is merely a good singer wrapped up in a fantastic, fairytale story.

So it's not a shock when tensions bubble to the surface and she's caught shrieking at family members or losing the plot in a hotel bar.

She has the knowledge that up to 17 million people will be tuning in to watch the final - and whether she will sink or swim under that pressure remains to be seen." FOX NEWS
Jay Leno did a funny bit on her that's been scrapped from the net by NBC, but this one done afew days later still exists (at around the 1:10 mark it counts down not up)


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