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Thursday, May 7, 2009

John Edwards' ex-lover Rielle Hunter Ready To Expose The Edwards' As The Lying, Money Hungy Dems They Are...

Who was it that first said "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"?

I don't really know, but the Edwards "family" is about to find out, or at least what the liberal democrats like to portray as one of the very best they have or had to offer in the "family values" realm that is until that myth imploded last summer with no help from the "see no dem evil, hear no dem evil" press for an entire year.

We certainly all remember the sordid details from slithery John's years and years of lies and deceit, literally begging the American people to hire him and John Kerry to run the country, and then continuing on his own a few years later while proclaiming himself as the epitome of again, those old "Dem Family Values".

Meanwhile we all later find out later he was diddling and dinging a woman literally 2 feet away from him in every single picture and video taken of the lying lawyer (oxymoron, I know) hired as his personal whore while his wife was at home painfully living and dying with terminal cancer.

The absolute lowest and scummiest thing any real man in this world could possibly do to his wife and kids, besides killing them or fathering a child with one's own daughter, which I think I actually remember one of these politicians doing at one time or another..You know, incest, what liberals like to think is family hour humor like this skit from SNL accusing Todd Palin of such with no basis whatsoever from the torrid media scorched earth campaign run against this family that makes Edwards look like the pile of scum he really is.

Well, now that old "Father of the year 2008" sends the good old dying wife out to sell some books for the family bank account, as she is playing the role of family bad cop by proclaiming on Oprah's show that she really doesn't know if her scumbucket husband is the father of this woman Rielle Hunter's child, which most believe to be a lie as this woman cannot be and is not as stupid as she has portrayed herself during this sca.

Now her words and actions have unleashed the beast so to speak and she's off to the paternity races to cash in that platinum chip, while Edwards himself in facing indictment for paying her off with campaign donations. What a real American family they all turned out to be.

So now it's time for yet another episode of "As The Twisted Dem Liberal World Turns".........

"C'mon, who do you believe, the National Enquirer or me?" Edwards asks the blind media
John Edwards' ex-lover Rielle Hunter going ahead with paternity test:

Report: "And you thought the John Edwards sex scandal couldn't get seamier.

The ex-senator's former lover - furious at being portrayed as a stalker in his wife's media tour - reportedly is taking revenge and will allow a paternity test for her baby after all.

Rielle Hunter previously refused to allow DNA testing on baby Frances, born in February 2008. Edwards, even after the admitted affair, insisted he wasn't the father.

Her friends said then she hoped they still had a future together and hoped to protect the philandering pol from further ruin.

But on the eve of Elizabeth Edwards' appearance on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' today to plug her new book, the National Enquirer reports that Hunter has changed her mind." continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Well, hopefully this way the new baby will be able to reap some financial benefits from the book. These people just do not think do they? Did she not think by writing a book she would piss off so to speak the other side?

  2. Apparently they're figuring strike first as they both probably have books pre fabbed on the publisher's desks ready to start the presses once one party broke the silence I'm betting


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