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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gay Gestop Leader Speaks Again .."Perez Hilton: Bribery! Palin Fam A Class Act"

This human slime has the nerve to denigrate the Palin Family? Some Momo blogger who doesn't even use his own name and goes through his perverted life looking like a gay bozo circus clown?

One glance at that picture tells me who the living slime is, and perhaps if his parents, whoever or whatever the hell they are, did one tenth the job the Palin's are doing, he wouldn't be making his living on his knees as some other deviate's sexual playtoy in between blog posts and beauty pageant appearances.

One that more than likely has maybe another 5-10 years to live judging by the mortality statistics of the males in name only who live within the confines of the disease ridden Gay community of which the pseudonym Hilton calls home.

Here's a little peak into the mortality rate of "Hilton's" community in which he chooses to live his life, and yet has the audacity to criticize the way the Palin's live their lives. All I can say to this asshat is that he truly is a busy walking and talking, publicity whore.

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Perez Hilton: Bribery! Palin Fam A Class Act: "Some parents offer bribes for their kids to do well in school or clean the house.

The Palins use them as a means to get rid of the dead-beat babydaddy hanging around their family!

According to a new interview with Levi Johnston, father of the out-of-wedlock grandchild of Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin was offered a car by her father Todd if she agreed to dump Levi.

Obviously, she didn't take it and instead got stuck with the loser and a baby all before she even graduated high school.

Bet Bristol wishes that she took him up on that offer now!"

You such an addition to the American society yourself you sack of crud. Everytime this thing opens it's mouth I want to smack it shut.

As for Levi Johnson, if that little Mack Daddy came within 1oo feet of my daughter, I'd kick his skinny little punk behind from here to Cheyanne and back.

Speaking of families, I don't hear this momo talking about Johnson's lowlife mother who was recently arrested and indicted on federal drug charges, It's certainly no wonder her son is so f&*&^d up, and selling his story to any lib scum so called journo that'll listen to it, from Larry King all the way down to the human journalistic sphincter that is "Perez Hilton", both of whom whore themselves on the backs of the Palin family.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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