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Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Jay Leno, Now American Idol? New Low Every Day

If this man lowers himself to appear with first family in tow to appear on American Idol he will have lowered the presidency to a certain laughable status and forever damage America's credibility in the real world outside of left loon land centered in Hollywood, making us a complete laughing stock amongst our enemies in the world we may never recover our stature as a world leader ever again.

I can hear the lefties answering that right now..."What about Bush and his illegal war?" or "What about Bush, Cheney and Halliburton killing 50 million Iraqi's", or perhaps "what about Bush and this or Bush and that"...you get the picture why I ignore anything those people say at this point.

Then again what could be more fitting then the American Idol president elected by the American Idol phone voters than appearing on American Idol?

In fact, why not follow up with an MTV reality show next for the Obama's following the new Ozzie show, in fact they can call it "life with the real Jeffersons" while they're at it.

President Obama To Visit 'American Idol'? |

NBC Washington: "The 'American Idol' contestants have enough pressure dealing with the critiques of Randy, Kara, Paula and Simon – and if 'Idol's' harshest judge gets his way, they'll be performing for President Obama."

"We would put out an invitation on a daily basis," Simon Cowell told The Hollywood Reporter about "Idol's" attempt to get the Commander in Chief to appear on the hit FOX show.

"I'd love him to come on, his wife to come on, kids to come on." Simon said of the First Family. "I could only picture now what it would be like if he actually turned up."

Adding, "He's a rock star!"


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Love the barf sign. Why am I not surprised at his lack of dignity.

  2. I kinda liked it too feel free to steal it for future use, you and me both Opus,

    how low can the presidency go? Only Obama and Muhammad know///

  3. A quicker way for Simon to get His Majesty and the princesses to the show is to issue the invitation on video via blackberry. A bow from Simon will help, as well.

  4. Yup, Obama has knocked America to the ground, now he wants to stomp on her while she is down, and we are actually going to leave this Muslim loving son-of-a commie bitch stay in office for four years?

  5. I hope not, it'll take sending a whole entirely new type of politician to get his ass removed the legislative way. We have no control however should some total nut take matters into their own hands God forbid.

    Yet the path he's taken is enraging many people and they're not on the internet talking about their plans either.

  6. Actually a on his knees like gesture is probably what the False Messiah has in mind Maggie, seeing all the other morons around him prefer that M.O..lol

  7. No president ever goes on TV shows.... This is crazy, and if I would have voted and supported this guy I would be thinking "what is this all about" I have to believe there are some reasonable people out there that will question and see through all of this... Castro, Chavez, and even Hitler mingle with the propaganda press corp. This whole thing is nuts and gets worse every day..... I am telling you this guy aint going nowhere and the SOB knows it.

  8. He isn’t a public Servant, he is a slithering public serpent.

    Maybe we will get lucky and the bastard will come down with the swine flu. Would be prophetic, he is after all a swine.

  9. Old Mc Soros Had A Farm .....


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