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Friday, May 15, 2009

Cop Punts Suspect's Head; High Five Ensues, Criminal Car Chase Loser

Anybody like this a'hole who runs from the police in a vehicular high speed chase ,and then exits the vehicle and runs should be lucky the cop didn't just shoot him dead as far as I'm concerned,, lowlife scumbag, as anyone crazy enough to do what this guy did will do anything including kill a cop, and he is lucky he just got a kick in the head.

Look at this scumbucket, real upstanding citizen I'm sure the reports will say tomorrow no doubt (my ass) I'll bet this bum has spent far more time on the inside than the outside and we'll all be damn lucky if he's chucked right back in cage where he obviously belongs, animal.

It's too bad the cop didn't just execute him and save the taxpayers some money in this bad economy for a free attorney and imprisonment he will be facing if not now some other day

I'm sick and tired of these crooks ruling the roost thanks to all the damn liberals and the ACLU tying cops' hands behind their backs making them think more than they should have to in life endangering split second decisions, the very thing that cost the Oakland cops their lives a few months ago and dammit I'm sticking up for the cops.

This POS should be dead, he's damn lucky today he's not and if he gets rich off of this shit he be should be taken out for a long ride then that he'll never forget, frickin gangbanging son of bitch..

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com/video.

Cop Punts Suspect's Head; High Five Ensues | NBC Chicago: "OS ANGELES -- Despite lying on the ground with his arms and legs spread, a suspect -- who police say is a known gang member -- got a face full of police boot on Wednesday."The kicking cop added insult to injury by giving a post-beating high five. The incident has sparked outrage on both sides of the argument (scroll down to the comments to verify that statement).

On Thursday, El Monte Police Lt. Ken Alva said that the officer has been reassigned to non-patrol duties, while El Monte police and the Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department conduct separate and concurrent investigations.

The department is withholding judgment until the investigations are completed.

"I worked internal affairs for four years and I have learned that you do not make a decision in a vacuum," El Monte Police Chief Tom Armstrong said Wednesday. "I do not know what was in the mind of that officer, as to why he did that. I saw the individual turn his head toward the officer."

As for the officer with a flashlight seen striking the suspect in the video, Armstrong said, "...it appears (the suspect) had his arm underneath his body. You cannot see what was in his hand."

That officer has not been reassigned during the investigations, Alva said Thursday.

"This is going to be looked into, and it should be. ...I'm not here to make a decision or tell you what that officer did was overtly wrong until I know all the facts," Armstrong said.

The driver has been identified as 23-year-old Richard Rodriguez of El Monte.

Rodriguez was booked on suspicion of felony evading. He also was held for possible parole violation, meaning he is not eligible for bail.

Rodriguez is a known gang member, Carlson said. He was making hand signs during the pursuit forming an F, "as in the El Monte Flores gang sign."

The pursuit began about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at an attempted traffic stop in El Monte, police said. Authorities tried to stop the motorist for a traffic violation, said California Highway Patrol Officer Jose Nunez.

Rodriguez opted to keep going, heading onto the eastbound San Bernardino (10) Freeway, then exited in Baldwin Park, police said.

The driver had two passengers in the car, but when the vehicle came to a stop in traffic, one of them jumped out and surrendered to police. The driver, however, sped off again, and unidentified objects were thrown out of the car.

The driver used a sidewalk to avoid traffic before getting back onto the eastbound San Bernardino (10) Freeway, where he was met by two patrol units.

Going about 85 mph, Rodriguez took the 10 to the southbound San Gabriel River (605) Freeway and exited on Whittier Boulevard, where the car immediately slammed into a sport utility vehicle.

One of the occupants was taken into custody almost immediately and Rodriguez ran to the back of a nearby


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