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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chicago Bulls Play Game 7 Against Defending Champ Celtics Tonight On TBS

I'm not a hardcore Bulls fan since the departure of Michael Jordan years ago, after 10 years of watching the best there ever was and 6 World Championships up close at the Old Stadium and the United Center I and thousands of other Chicagoan's were in no mood for that same old same Chicago style rebuilding years BS we've become to accustomed to from most of our pro sports franchises.

But, this year's team has come out of nowhere to find themselves in a game seven showdown with the defending World Champ Celtics taking place tonight in Boston at 8 pm CDT on as I say in the headline cable channel TBS. Another surprise for the NBA is both these teams actually have some good white guys who aren't weighed down with 50lbs of bling for a delightful change....

So as a Chicago sports fan I'll be watching it and hoping for an upset, and even layed a little dough down on the game for kicks at a website I also frequent for big events like the Derby today, as well as the BlackHawks who also play tonight in Game 2 of their series down 1-0 against the Vancouver Canucks in their quest to meet the likely reuturning Red Wings From Detroit down the shortened road of the NHL playoffs..

Due to the obvious conflict with the Chicago Bulls Game7 from Boston Saturday night, the Chicago Blackhawks Game 2 from Vancouver will be shown on Comcast SportsNet Plus (CSN+).

Meanwhile, here's a video with all the highlights from the Bulls' series and hopefully for their fans there will be highlight reel to show after tonight's game/

Chicago Bulls creating excitement out of nowhere

-- chicagotribune.com
: "Some people don't like to have their photo taken for fear the camera will steal their soul. It seems superstitious and backward, but applied in a very liberal way to the Bulls, the concept sort of makes sense.

If we look too closely at how they are doing what they're doing in this crazy, astounding, your-adjective-here playoff series with the Celtics, we risk stealing the magic from it. Some things are better left unexamined and unexplained. This is one of them.

Let it be enough that the Bulls have taken the defending NBA champions to a seventh game in a first-round series that is so overcaffeinated it's a wonder Red Bull hasn't stepped in to sponsor it. Oh, the missed marketing opportunities!

Six games -- two decided in overtime, one decided in double overtime and another, on Thursday night, decided in triple overtime. Game 6 was a back-and-forth blur that could have led to an outbreak of motion sickness. It was so ridiculously entertaining that even the fervently pro-Bulls crowd at the United Center could only shrug in the second OT and acknowledge that, you know what, that Ray Allen dude from the Celtics, he's pretty good. The Bulls eventually won 128-127." continued here

Here's an good Hawks article I read at NHL.com on tonight's game 2 with Vancouver....

Toews, Kane need to lead the way :

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Blackhawks: "VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Yep, it's true. Young stars Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have been a huge part of the Blackhawks' revival this season -- and they'll have to continue to be if the Hawks are to survive their best-of-seven Western Conference semifinal series against the Vancouver Canucks.

To do that, Toews and Kane will have to play better in tonight's Game 2 than they did in Thursday's Game 1 -- a 5-3 loss in which a Hawks comeback from a 3-0 deficit was negated by sloppy play at the end. An odd-man rush off a turnover at the Canucks' blue line led to Sami Salo's game-winning goal. But the defeat could be traced back further than that, and Toews and Kane were among the more prominent culprits. continued


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