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Monday, May 11, 2009

Can We All Agree Meghan McCain Needs Daddy To Send Her Snooty Ass To The Waterboard Shed?

It's four months since the election and this little menace has insulted every conservative Icon since her liberal daddy lost the election to the Muslim boy king, and now there are reports that she did her very best liberal diva routine at this Conservative bashing Obama orgy over the weekend, shaming herself even more than she already has as if that was an easy thing to do.

Maybe we bloggers and readers on the right can petition or even beg People Mag and Oprah to sit her aside and convince her the Benedict Arlen "Switcheroo" route might be the best direction for this little side career she's molding for herself. Just another spoiled brat becoming a professional bitch daughter of a famous man, with no specific political accomplishments or otherwise of her own, except of coarse for her Weight Watchers 30, 60, and 90 day coins.

As I've said before this tubby little barnyard brat gives RINO a whole new meaning.

Meghan McCain a Real "Brat" at WH Dinner: Report
| NBC New York: "Meghan McCain's temper tantrum was anything but politically correct.

The daughter of former presidential candidate John McCain reportedly threw a fit when she was stopped by security at the White House Correspondents dinner Saturday night because she had two friends in tow and only brought two tickets, according to the New York Daily News.

'The security guard sent her to talk to someone to sort out the situation but Meghan got bratty and nastily told him, 'We'll just stand here then,' like an insolent child,' a snitch told the paper. 'She muttered to her friends, 'Does he even know who the f--- I am?''

McCain's ticket tirade seemed uncalled for since invites to the annual Washington, D.C., gala attended by the president and members of the press were very difficult to come by -- but McCain 'thought she didn't have to follow the same rules as everyone else,' an insider told the News.

She was 'complaining about everything from the air-conditioning to the wait,' the source told the News.

McCain expressed what appeared to be frustration at the dinner in an entry on her Twitter page.

'WH correspondents dinner is a clusterf--- so far...' she wrote.

McCain, who writes a weekly column for the Daily Beast and has a book about life as a GOPer slated for release, was also ticked off by Wanda Sykes' roast of her mother.

"Sen. McCain gave you grief about the new helicopters you didn't order," the comedian said during the dinner. "I think Mr. McCain was a little bitter because he wanted to be in the new helicopters. Mr. McCain, I'm sure if you ask nicely, your wife will buy you a new helicopter."

McCain didn't find the humor in Sykes' rant.

"I didn't like the joke about my mom," she said told the News after the dinner. "Why talk about her at all? I (didn't mind the jokes) about my dad, but leave my mom out of it. It really wasn't in good taste."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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