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Thursday, April 16, 2009

"WTF Is Going On at WTC??" Is All One Can Say Today....

Now it's come to 36 years after 911 we have to look at this damn "ode to terrorism" because of these "New Millennium style" political jerkoff jubilees that prevent any meaningful movement on this New One World Trade Center Complex or whatever they're calling it this week 7 1/2 full years after 911!

The terrorists are surely laughing their camel chafed asses off at this revelation in American papers and websites this morning, especially Osama Bin Laden when he comes out to get his daily New York Times......

It's an absolute disgrace that the entire lost complex on 911 has not been fully restored to it's previous state at least by now, in it's original form with modernization done to the original plans of the long lost structures, which was my preference along with thousands and likely millions of others from the very start. There was nothing aesthetically wrong with those towers and with slight safety and some cosmetic alterations would have pleased nearly everyone, except most of the families and the damn politicians

Like a car owner trying to replace personal items after a crash or theft they're trying to screw each others for whatever they can squeak out of the deal and it's a disgrace. With all the tiresome and self interest bickering between bankers, Larry Silverstein, the politicians and the family members has caused this embarrassment to continue for far too long now.

It Only Took Eleven Years To Complete the First Trade Center Complex for the most part....1966 thu 1977 from concept to completion..

Left: Architect Minoru Yamasaki with lower Manhattan site model.
Right is after only 5 years of construction in 1972

Mostly because of a PC please every single solitary person attitude, this thing has been one delay after another after another, and has become nothing more than a symbol of America's Downfall and inability for big government's failure in accomplishing anything on time or under a budget and is a modern day clusterf&** and boondoggle just as these camel jockey killers intended, so as the old and now tired phrase goes regarding the WTC from rhe Bush administration days, it looks like this....

The Terrorists Indeed Have Won As Far As The World Trade Center is concerned.

This is all that's done as of this morning at the Freedom Tower, barely 8 floors of rough framework
....Progress as of September 11 2008
World Trade Center project won't be finished until 36 years after 9/11

- PA: "The World Trade Center won't be fully rebuilt and occupied until 2037 - a full 36 years after terrorists reduced it to rubble, a new study says.

The endless delays that have plagued the site since 9/11 could drag on, pushing back the project's completion nearly a generation, said a marketing analysis prepared for the Port Authority and obtained by the Daily News.

Drafted by real estate titan Cushman & Wakefield, the study predicts that the site's centerpiece, the Port Authority's 1,776-foot Freedom Tower, won't be filled with tenants until 2019. Other troubling findings included:

- It could take 12 years to fully lease Silverstein's Tower 2, a 79-story, 1,270-foot giant that will be taller than the Empire State Building. It could be finished in 2014, but it won't be filled until 2026.

- Construction wouldn't even begin until 2,026 on Tower 3, a 71-story, 1,137-foot colossus that will climb higher than the Chrysler Building. Ribbon-cutting would come in 2030 and full leasing in 2037.

The survey, the gloomiest of several studies commissioned by the agency, based its projections on anticipated market demand for office space at the 16-acre site. It comes amid contentious talks between the PA and developer Larry Silverstein" continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. It's my understanding that the Freedom Tower has been renamed One World Trade Center. Evidently the Chinese own it and objected to Freedom Tower...dontcha know!

    What has happened to American industry? Political correctness is the answer. The families of all those murdered when the towers went down had a say. That's a lot of "says."

    This is an astonishing story Ray. 2036!!!

  2. Yeah, I wrote about the WTC name swap thing but still call it Freedom Tower so people don't confuse the writings about the new thing with the the now defunct and destroyed WTC 1 and 2..

    I personally thought the name "Freedom Tower" was kinda hokey myself...just my former New Yorker opinion on that, I loved those towers was in them quite often and my younger brother lost three friends at Cantor Fitzgerald that morning and was in the towers on the Saturday right before their destruction as he's a Partner in a Chicago Investment Banking Firm William Blair.


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