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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Soon Coming To A Town Near You? Mandatory Homosexual Indoctrination Classes for 4-9 Year olds.....

How crazy can it all get before conservatives around the world realize the gloves had better come off and soon or the liberal lunatic fringe will be forcing children into "Safe Anal Sex With Your Friends" classes?

This crazy, and don't laugh, as in Europe they're already there, with these "forced indoctrination" classes that are being "thrust" upon the innocent children (double entendre intended) who have had their childhoods stripped away by the perverted masses of the world.

Johnny I left my KY at home, can I use yours during anal demonstration hour?
Lessons about gays will be compulsory from age of 11 | Mail Online: "Pupils as young as 11 will be taught about homosexuality and civil partnerships in compulsory sex education classes.

All secondary schools - including faith schools - will have to teach children about same-sex relationships as well as traditional families.

Previously, heads could decide to opt out of teaching the controversial subject."

Personal, social and health education classes are due to become part of the compulsory national curriculum in primary and secondary schools from September 2011.

Family and faith groups yesterday condemned the proposals.

Gee you think so? And it's only people on the far right who are concerned about any sexual preference being discussed with freakin' four to ten year olds? Yea sure I believe that one for a second.

Here's where the rubber hits the road, or rubber hits something if they're taught how to whip those out on command as well in this swell children's new classroom fare of the far left indoctrination squads...

From the first year in primary school, four and five-year-old children will learn about different body parts, with lessons about sex from the age of nine.

At Key Stage Three (ages 11 to 14), pupils will learn about contraception, pregnancy, sexual activity and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.

Schools will also have to teach about ' different types of relationships, including those within families and between older and young people, boys and girls and people of the same sex, including civil partnerships'.

At Key Stage Four (ages 14-16), they will continue to learn about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and same-sex relationships. continued here

Isn't that beautiful? Let's all gather and sing a verse of Kum BaRack before "the tingly leg feeling" escapes us all shall we?.....


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. It's got to come to a head soon I would think. I am surprised it's gotten this far. I think many parents think this will never happen in my schools. This type of stuff only goes on in California schools.

  2. It's coming and soon, and although I have no rugrats in this race I'll fight for those who do for now. They better pick up the pace though and soon

  3. I am going to sew my sons a**hole shut until he is 12.

  4. Sorry, I read up and answered my own question.

  5. Well wifey hopefully since your obviously good parents as "dad" is at home then out serving and protecting the city (from the knee deep scum that roams the streets of Chic-ago as the "Mehican's" call the city) you won't need to be that drastic and your son'll be fine..

    I'm like the old joke where the father takes the son to prostitute's until he starts singing a different tune, but as I said I'm a single straight man but wouldn't let it happen if it came my way with my children...simple as that,


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