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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pope's Good Friday Address Couldn't Be More True As Evil Spreads Across The Earth

And America seems to have little help in the area of eradicating this evil as we've seen the international community and their miserable weakness in standing up to the spreading of Muslim violence around the world today that is propagated in the form of the 4 Muslims in a tub holding American Captain Richard Phillips Hostage and some 300 other people while their countries play footsie with the Muslim Pirates.

The Pope hits the nail on the head this morning with his service in St Peters square and particularly with his speech on Good Friday..

Godlessness is destroying the world as the weak and selfish are the name of the day.

The Associated Press: Pope celebrates Easter Mass in packed St. Peter's: "VATICAN CITY (AP) — Tens of thousands of people packed St. Peter's Square as Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass for Easter Sunday, the most joyous day on the church calendar.

The piazza, decorated with yellow tulips, blossoms and other spring flowers, overflowed with the faithful as Benedict processed into the square in his golden vestments. A choir sang hymns.

The Mass that commemorates Jesus Christ's resurrection.

'Let the Easter light of the risen Christ enlighten our minds and hearts,' Benedict said at the start of the service.

After Sunday's Mass, Benedict was to deliver Easter greetings in some 60 languages, as well as his annual Urbi et Orbi speech — Latin for 'to the city and the world' — in which he typically outlines issues of concern in around the globe.

Benedict had sounded hoarse by the end of Saturday's three-hour Easter vigil, but he appeared well-rested by Sunday morning."

The Pope's Good Friday Speech hit the World On The on the nose for it's rampant Godlessness

Pope Benedict XVI last night attacked the rise of aggressive secularism in Western societies, warning them that they risked drifting into a 'desert of godlessness'.

He used his Good Friday meditations to compare deliberate attempts to remove religion from public life to the mockery of Jesus Christ by the mob as he was led out to be crucified.

'Religious sentiments' were increasingly ranked among the 'unwelcome leftovers of antiquity' and 'held up to scorn and ridicule', he added.

'We are shocked to see to what levels of brutality human beings can sink,' said the Pope at an evening ceremony at the Coliseum in Rome.

'Jesus is humiliated in new ways even today when things that are most holy and profound in the faith are being trivialised, the sense of the sacred is allowed to erode.

'Values and norms that held societies together and drew people to higher ideals are laughed at and thrown overboard. Jesus continues to be ridiculed.'

The German-born Pope, who turns 82 later this month, prayed Christians would respond by growing in faith.

'May we never question or mock serious things in life like a cynic,' he added. He also condemned the oppression of women, saying there were 'many societies in the world where women fail to receive a fair deal.'

'Christ must be weeping for them,' he said.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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