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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama's Transparency Pledge Simply More Obama Bull

Obama Batting .071 on Transparency Pledge" featuring Jim Harper


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. He's a liar Ray. Plain and simple, and our country will be lost before many of thes dupes wake up. You should see the hate I have been getting in my comments section. They defend the loss of their country and deny the lies and I am the bad guy.

  2. Yes Bill, it is certainly a depressing time.... Their support for him is sickening. Their ignorance is disturbing. The msm is almost complete propaganda. The leftists always speak to the people who do not pay attention to politics and therein lies another issue. There is a good portion of America that are productive,follow the law, take care of their families, but have no real interest in politics. Some do not even know the difference in the parties or the history of this country. I realize this is their right, but how can we tap into these people and reach them? The GOP have got to get out there and fight back and educate the masses, unfortunately they are all we have.

  3. Hate commenting is why I jsut shut it down, I gut nailed by an overseas site over the weekend generating 1000 hits no lie.

    All from a post I didn't even write, that damn Flight 93 blogroll where the guy is starting to get a little wacky I must say...

    It's in the referrals called Sadly No.

    I shut it off, I cant fight 1000 raging, torch and club wielding Eurotrash liberals, and they know it, so I silence their asses by closing the comments, That really pissed them off more.

    Sharon we just have to keep fighting, shit I've been at this for almost three long years without much financial reward minus the graphics clients I've accumulated. If everyone put some effort like that into the cause we'd be kicking their crazy asses...


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