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Monday, April 20, 2009

Mahmoud The Madman Ahmadinejad's Anti Semitism Boils Over Today

When will the western world finally figure out the Fuzzy Madman is Hitler on a camel and find someone to take this Jew and American hater out of the picture before the west has to spend a trillion dollars to America to move in and take him out as we had to do with Saddam.

This man couldn't telegraph his punches any more than he has and to allow this nut to even get close to anything nuclear will be the biggest mistake mankind could make today next to allowing a community organizer become president of the world's only superpower.

Oops my bad, we already let that happen so I imagine letting this happen won't be such a shocker either until that nuclear mushroom cloud over Jerusalem and New York clears away.

Today was an itty bitty start to putting Mahmoud the madman in his place but this little take our ball and go home thing doesn't frighten him, so the next message needs to be a B1 Bomber taking out a Nuclear site either in Iran or North Korea if they follow through on their plan to re ignite the shutdown plant as they smell weakness and blood in the waters of the Potomac.

Then to finish the job a bulldozer and front loaders pushing the UN building into the East River would be my next move.

Racism on the agenda: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's attack on Israel triggers walkout at the UN

World news | The Guardian: "From the moment Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's name appeared on the programme for a major UN conference against racism, it was guaranteed to be a controversial performance. Yesterday, the Iranian president lived up to expectations, questioning the history of the Holocaust and accusing Israel of racism and genocide in a speech which triggering a coordinated walk out by Britain and other European countries.

Ahmadinejad caused uproar at the Geneva meeting by delivering a long, rambling polemic against Zionism, which he equated with racism, and blamed for the war in Iraq. He said Zionists had 'penetrated into the political and economic structure including their legislation, mass media, companies, financial systems, and their security and intelligence agencies'.

'They have imposed their domination to the extent that nothing can be done against their will,' the Iranian president told delegates from around the world in Geneva's historic Palais des Nations, birthplace of the League of Nations.

The speech not only overshadowed the conference intended to review international progress against racism and discrimination around the world, it seemed to rule out any rapprochement between Iran and the west. continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Boy that did my heart good to see that there are some people at UN who have common sense. Too bad they all didn't walk out on that moron.

  2. Yup a few leaving the room isn't sending any worthwhile message to that scum, the only message these mad Muslims understand is the working end of American weapons.


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