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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hawks Own Red Wings With An Easter Shutout -

Chicago Blackhawks

vs Detroit Red Wings

Hawks win 3 - 0

46-24-12 final season record , 2nd Central 5 games off the Red Wings, not bad at all.

Hawks playoff schedule

Hawks did a little Detroit tune up today getting ready for their first playoff appearance in almost a decade, 7 years to be exact, and this is in a league where teams that have been out of business for 5 years still make the playoffs......alright I'm exaggerating but you get the idea.

A team in the NHL really has to suck in order to miss the playoffs for seven years in a row, and believe you me they met the criteria alright, but this year after the death of old school and original owner Dollar Bill Wirtz, (who got that nickname for squeezing his nickels so hard together the eagles would scream) his son took over the family business and all of a sudden the Hawks have finally entered the 20th century..

They still have a ways to go to join the rest of the league and world in the 21st one but they're getting there, and with the youth of this years team they just may be on the winning side of things well into the future it looks like standing here today as they've yet to lose a game in April which bodes well for the playoff starting up.

Just Friday they set an all time attendance record and that says a lot in this hockey town...The Hawks do have home-ice advantage in the first round thanks to a 5-0-1 spurt leading into Sunday’s regular-season finale win against Detroit at the United Center.

Khabibulin blanks Red Wings -

NHL - Yahoo! Sports: "CHICAGO (AP)—Nikolai Khabibulin looked like a playoff-ready goaltender, even if the game had little meaning.

Khabibulin had 37 saves Sunday to get his 41st career shutout as the Chicago Blackhawks tuned up for their first postseason appearance in seven years by beating the Detroit Red Wings 3-0 in the regular-season finale.

“It’s definitely nice to finish on a high note. The game didn’t mean much for either team, but you want to have good habits going into the playoffs,” Khabibulin said.

“For a goalie, I think anytime you get a shutout it’s good. Having said that, you know tomorrow is another day and the regular season doesn’t matter anymore.”

Chicago’s victory was its second in 24 hours against the Red Wings, coming on the heels of Saturday’s 4-2 win at Detroit. The Blackhawks won their final two meetings against their longtime rival after going 0-2-2 in the first four, including a loss in the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field on New Year’s Day."


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  1. Congratulations !!! welcome to the club, it was a good game, and the Red Wings are the best thing to come out of our city. Enjoy the playoffs!!!

  2. I'm glad the Hawks are back. Those were some dreadul years watching them over the past decade. I miss how rowdy the Hawks games are, especially when Detroit is in town. I also miss the Mighty Blackhawks song. Some days, I can't ever get that out of my head.

  3. Sharon, I had season tickets in my 20's and went to just about all the games for a couple seasons thanks to a friends of my father's who had them for business and sold them to me and couple buddies for a few years when he retired ...they were enjoyable, in the playoffs often  but never won the damn cup always running up against the Edmonton Oilers and you know who..

    the games were very wild back in the old stadium. I've only been to a few at the United Center and that was in my brother's skybox

    Yea Clay those songs are the kind that do stay in your head...here's some sounds to bring back memories...
     Here come the hawks, Chicago stadium horn, UC Horn, National Anthem during the gulf war ..

  4. Went to the game on Saturday. I was not happy that the wings put Ozzy in goal. Conklin did not look good yesterday. The Wings are not haveing a good strech right not.
    Hat tip to the hawks, At least the Wings beat them in the Winter Classic.
    Hope all is well Ray.

  5. Yea, I'm not getting all pumped for a Hawks stanley cup appearance as long as the Red Wings are standing in their way that's for sure Mark,,,they did smoke the Hawks that day at Wrigley as they usually do..

    They're the same obstacle as the Hawks faced against Gretsky's Oilers, better team all around...

    All is as well as can be with this moron running things So we'll keep chipping away my friend


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