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Monday, April 13, 2009

Chicago cop gets bail in fatal crash, Doesn't Sit Well With Victims Family Nor This Chicagoan

This is nothing more than the same old Chicago way politics, where the connected get special treatment and the rest of us get the shaft which used to be limited to the state of Illinois and particularly the city of Chicago, but thanks to the rabid stupidity of the general US populace on the left who's minds were warped with rabid Bush hatred it;s now been brought to Washington so the whole country can get a taste, yummy isn't it so far? Yea right..

They are the ones that chose this crooked way for the entire country, so I hope you all enjoy seeing the privileged and connected get away with murder as Congressional losers like Barney Frank and his merry men (too merry)have been doing so far, or like this drunken killer cop we blogged about last week, who by the way was sprung on 500 thou bail over the weekend (50K cash)in the fatal early morning crash that he by the way ran away from on foot initially before being apprehended a short time later. A real stand up guy huh?

He was obviously hoping to evade police (his buddies of coarse) until he sobered up enough so as to lose the aggravated vehicular manslaughter charge in which the penalty is much greater than old fashioned straight up vehicular manslaughter (3 years tops) as he, as a cop would be familiar with of coarse.

This is an offense that would bring certain incarceration awaiting trial for most average Joe's and Jane's in these parts, but not when you are connected to the Judicial system on the inside, and this case is certain to bring much anger and protest from we the people, starting with this little brawl that broke out at the courthouse upon the obviously guilty killer cop's release..

Drunken driving, cop case: Chicago cop gets bail in fatal crash, angering 2 victims' friends and family --

chicagotribune.com: Drunken driving, cop case: Chicago cop gets bail in fatal crash, angering 2 victims' friends and family
Chicago Detective Joseph Frugoli is out on $500,000 bail after prosecutors said he had a blood-alcohol content three times the legal limit during the crash

By Megan Twohey and Emily S. Achenbaum | Tribune reporters
April 13, 2009

A raucous confrontation broke out Sunday outside Cook County Criminal Court after a Chicago police detective charged with causing a deadly auto crash while driving drunk was ordered released on $500,000 bail.

The fight highlighted the outrage underlying the case.

As they streamed out of the noontime hearing, many of the 75 friends and relatives of the two young victims were shouting and crying, angered that Joseph Frugoli, an 18-year veteran of the Chicago force, could be set free while the case makes its way through court.

When more than a dozen courthouse police chased down one especially loud and angry man outside, threw him to the ground and hauled him into the courthouse, the crowd got angrier. People yelled 'pigs,' 'cowards' and other hostile words about Frugoli, specifically, and the police in general." continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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