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Friday, April 17, 2009

Bo Obama gets book deal, But Hussein Obama Pockets the Cash

Where's the dough from Bo going to end up is what I want to know, and if every dime is not donated to charity this is nothing but a ruse to line Obama the Mutt's pockets, and that might go far to explain why he backstabbed an Author of another book shown down below.

A woman now who regrettably featured the Slimy Obama based on his worthless promise to take in a sheltered dog. A promised the media let him skate on like everything else he bs's the world about every day.

Another day another lie is par for the course as we've now grown accustomed to with the king of false claims with no shame named Obama.

We'll be watching this to see exactly where this money ends up when the MSM has buried it for good the shovels won't get put away here.

Bo Obama gets book deal:

TheHill.com - "Barack Obama isn’t the only author in his family. The first pup, Bo Obama, just inked his own book deal.

Mascot Books will publish Bo, America’s Commander in Leash, a children’s book, next week."According to the publisher’s website, the book will follow “Bo on an exciting adventure as he learns all about the White House and experiences the traditions that make it such a special place.”

According to Sky News, Mascot Books has been researching the book for two months, well before the Obamas had even settled on a pooch.

Commander in Leash will feature “special appearance[s] by President Obama, Michelle Obama, Senator Ted Kennedy, and Vice President Joe Biden!” according to Mascot’s website. Kennedy facilitated the Obamas' acquisition of Bo, as the Portuguese water dog came from the same breeder as Kennedy's.
Now read this article that reveals Obama screwed an Author of a book who included the Commander In Cheat in the book and then Barry the backstabber went and did exactly what he said he wasn't going to do....gee what a surprise there huh? Yea right.....

(this is not Obama's Kennedy purebred mutt but the dog Baby featured in the story below who Obama screwed over on his selfish rise to the top of the shi&heap)
Author who featured Obama in dog book feels betrayed by president

CS Monitor Although there are plenty of people who have fallen in love with Bo, President Obama’s new Portuguese Water Dog, there are others who aren’t that happy. (If you aren’t up to speed yet on the president’s new dog, click here).

Count Dr. Jana Kohl in the not-happy group. She and many other animal welfare activists feel betrayed by President Obama’s decision to renege on a campaign promise to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue center.

But to Kohl it’s personal, because she featured the president in a book to promote adoption rather than the purchase of dogs through breeders.

The author of “A Rare Breed of Love,” Kohl wrote the story of her poodle named Baby who she rescued four years ago. Baby not only had her vocal chords removed with scissors but lost a leg due to the years of abuse at the hands of a breeder.


So outraged was she at Baby’s story, she decided to write a book calling attention to puppy mills.

Her strategy was to get people with a microphone to appear in the book. So she set off to Capitol Hill and Hollywood where she found plenty of supporters. People like Paul Harvey, Steven Tyler, Bill Maher, Jim Cramer, and a host of politicians – Republican and Democrat.

One of those politicians that agreed to meet with her was then-Senator Obama. Touched by Baby’s story, he then agreed to a photoshoot and, according to a press release promoting her book, pledged to Kohl that when he brought a dog home for his family, it would be a rescue dog – not one from a breeder. continued here


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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