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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Abortion Foe AKA Obama's Harvard Law Professor Says "Thanks But No Thanks"

Here's a news flash, someone with some principle in higher education finally appears.... as a woman who happens to be a distinguished law professor at Harvard U and also was a professor of the spineless Abortion advocate and downright radical Obama of all people was also offered a honorary medal from Notre Dame flatly turning it down.

No doubt an offer extended only to attempt to lend credibility to their ill advised decision of awarding Barack Hussein Obama an honorary law degree at the same commencement which has had millions of ND alumni up in arms as well as this blogger, who's own father who is a class of '64 graduate, as an objection to adding any validity to the leftist practice of abortion with Obama being the most active president in this human tragedy unlike any other supporting the murder of helpless babies by the tens of millions.

What I define as modern day genocide, again, brutal like no other in man's violent history as the act of ending the budding lives of the unborn right in the supposed God given safety of it's own mother's womb. What could be more brutal and indefensible than that?

I say, good for you Mrs Glendon, as conservative Americans applaud your principled stand which Notre Dame itself has been unwilling to take, all in order to polish the knob of the new "First African American President" no doubt, jumping on that self congratulatory bandwagon that the American liberals are the captains of, feeling as it is they who have "finally freed the slaves" in the "racist flyover America" by getting Obama elected.

This from MSNBC.com
...In her letter to Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins, Glendon stated that she would no longer be accepting, citing the conflict with President Barack Obama’s presence as both a commencement speaker and a recipient of an honorary degree.

Glendon is staunchly anti-abortion, and she expressed disappointment that Notre Dame was awarding someone -- in this case the president of the United States -- whose position on abortion is so starkly different from Catholic Church's and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops'."......
Glendon was to receive the Laetare Medal. First Things has posted her letter to Notre Dame explaining her decision. Harvard's page for Glendon, the Learned Hand Professor of Law, and a bio on her personal site.(newsbusters)

Good for her again, and it's so sad to see so many Americans succumbing to political correctness as each American as well as our institutions loses their singular identities in order to try and create a race and society of one... devoid of any individuality and principle all in the name of "so called inclusiveness", when coupled with the murder of an entire generation of Americans is the liberal ideology in a nutshell.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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